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Float is a resource management, planning, and scheduling software that connects team members and keeps them up to date on project status and updates. Companies like Deloitte, Metalab, Buzzfeed, etc. use Float; it is most suitable for agencies, firms, and studios.

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  • Float FeaturesProject Timelines : Use timelines to track project milestones and keep tabs on when tasks should be completed.
  • Float FeaturesTask Scheduling : Create schedules for all team members and assign deadlines according to each task's due date.
  • Float FeaturesBudget Management : Set budgets for every aspect of your project, including resources, costs, and time frames.
  • Float FeaturesEmployee Management : Keep track of all your employees' activities and responsibilities easily.
  • Float FeaturesReal-Time Notification : Provides real-time updates so you never have to worry about missing crucial information.
  • Float FeaturesVacation/Leave Tracking : Know how much time each team member has spent working during the week.

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Top Reviews
  • Allysa J.Project Manager



    It's really really REALLY easy to use with a very intuitive interface. Float is continuously tweaking features for the better to further improve upon the UI/UX. My project management team did a lot of research on resource management tools and Float was the only one that allowed for such a granular view (i.e., instead of planning sprints in 2 weeks, it's day by day). We needed that for our business as we are run day-to-day with sometimes very small tasks (0.5-1hr) and Float was the only one allowing us to get that granular. Further, whenever we've had an issue the Support team is very quick and responsive to helping us!
    The Reporting tools aren't as great and well-organized as our Finance/Billing team would like. But the front-end is superior to the other tools my team considered so we are still using on that front.

  • Kyle K.Principal Crafter



    It allows me to schedule my time among various, billable projects as well as for time off. Others like being able to use that to project cash flow. The UI is really difficult to use. While it does seem to be improving, it requires fore knowledge of unintuitive UI elements that don't outwardly suggest being interactive and also fine-grained mouse clicking on distinct elements that are very close together. Ask them to write a new UI. The functionality is fine as far as I can tell, but their UI really needs some more attention to detail and user experience. For me as an employee, it solves the problem of booking time off. For others, it helps them estimate future cashflow. Functional, but difficult UI Hi Kyle, sorry to hear you're not digging our interface! We pride ourselves on how intuitive our scheduling is. Please hit us up at support@float.com and pass on specific feedback on what you'd like to see improved.

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Resource Planning
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Resource Planning + Time Tracking
StartingUSD 12.5/moBilled Monthly