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FreeCAD is an open-source customizable parametric 3D modeler platform, which is designed primarily for product design and mechanical engineering. It allows you to sketch geometry-constrained 2D shapes and use them as a base to build other objects. This software is made to craft real-life objects of varying sizes and is ideal for a home user, hobbyist, kid, programmer, educator, and anyone who is interested in 3D designing.

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FreeCAD Features

  • FreeCAD FeaturesGeometry Kernel : Used to design a virtual model that supports the simulation and manufacture of real-world objects.
  • FreeCAD FeaturesParametric Model : Streamline work, create high-quality designs and deliver projects successfully.
  • FreeCAD FeaturesModeling and simulation : Works as a physical or logical representation of a given system to generate data and make predictions.
  • FreeCAD FeaturesRendering Tools : Helps develop ideas and also a final apperaneces to models with visual effects.
  • FreeCAD FeaturesProject Management : It is responsible for the planning, procurement, execution, and completion of a project.
  • FreeCAD FeaturesRobot simulation : Enables the design process to take place in less time to meet customer’s timelines.

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  • Francesco F.Engineer



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  • Alexander A.electronics engineer



    Also Freecad not good works with b-spline with Skether and PartDesign worckbanches. Sometimes inpossible make a fillet if you use b-spline. Its hard to undestnd how to clone skecth to another body. How to move, clone, or rotate it. Review collected by and hosted on