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GEOVIA Surpac is an innovative and reliable geology and mine planning software, that offers users great flexibility to create accurate 2D and 3D models of mines, geological features, and mineral deposits—all facilitated by a straightforward user interface. Harnessing the power of various data sources such as GIS databases or drilling/exploration data has never been easier.

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About GEOVIA Surpac

GEOVIA Surpac Features

  • GEOVIA Surpac FeaturesMultiple Design Options : Allows users to generate numerous design options to analyze and select the best one.
  • GEOVIA Surpac FeaturesData Management : Helps users to quickly view output sections using pre-model data.
  • GEOVIA Surpac FeaturesScripting Language Support : Users can use various scripting languages to develop new functions with ease.
  • GEOVIA Surpac FeaturesGEOVIA Mine Designer : Can create a wide variety of mine designs including mine ramps, surfaces, etc.
  • GEOVIA Surpac FeaturesGEOVIA Mine Contributor : Allows users to collaborate and plot various mine plans easily and accurately.
  • GEOVIA Surpac FeaturesStope Optimizer : Helps users to determine the best design by considering various stope designs.

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    [I] Used Surpac in order to model iron ore exploration projects. Mapped easily to MS Access database and imported DTMs for fast and accurate drawings of a section.
    Sections Tracing borehole logs with graphically presented data Linking/mapping of data sets