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Google Charts is a popular cloud-based data visualization and business intelligence tool. It helps businesses manage and visualize data in various forms such as pictograms, pie charts, histograms, and so on. Users can access these chart types, including hierarchical treemaps, through a charts gallery on the platform.

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About Google Charts

Google Charts Features

  • Google Charts FeaturesCustomizable : Offers an extensive set of options for configuring charts as per the website's look and feel.
  • Google Charts FeaturesHTML5 / SVG : Allows for cross-platform portability and cross-browser compatibility.
  • Google Charts FeaturesRich Gallery : Provides a variety of charts, from simple, scatter plots to hierarchical treemaps.
  • Google Charts FeaturesFree To Use : For all use cases like personal, commercial, and governmental.
  • Google Charts FeaturesInteractive Dashboards : Allows for quickly and easily connecting charts and controls.
  • Google Charts FeaturesDynamic Data : Offers a variety of data connection tools and protocols for connecting data in real-time.

Google Charts Competitors

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    I honestly have no used others. This was my first in my field. But I can say it's been a joy to work with and I don't see myself or my organization using any other platform or program.
    I would definitely recommend this to any budding business or one that's already established. It's Google so it's reliable, easy to use and very user friendly. I rave regularly on its functionality and ability to present metrics to others.
    Color combinations. Display. Added users for easy access.
    Honestly none. I think the platform is amazing as is.

  • Joaqun GalCOO (Chief Operating Officer)



    Google charts is way more easy than the charts that you can create with Microsoft Excel. With google charts you can create better charts in less time because the system knows how to adapt any chart to the data that you have.
    It is highly recommended for using it at work or at college because it has a really formal format, it helps the user to present serious presentations.
    It is really easy to select the data You can choose among different types of charts The design is really user friendly
    Sometimes is difficult to re-scale the charts It does not have to option of exporting in PNG (or I was not able to find it)