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Heap provides four subscription plans: Free, Growth, Pro, and Premier. However, specific pricing remains undisclosed and requires contacting customer support. The availability of a free plan facilitates testing and experimentation. An additional free demo is offered, allowing users to gain a thorough understanding of the tool's capabilities before committing to a subscription.

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Heap Pricing Plans & Packages

Heap is a game-changing analytical and digital insight platform that is revolutionizing the way businesses understand their customers' online journeys. Founded in 2013, Heap has quickly become a go-to solution for businesses looking to gain comprehensive insights into user behaviors and enhance the overall user experience. With its all-in-one approach, Heap offers a range of powerful features, including autocapture, session replay, heatmaps, Heap Illuminate, path comparison, and dashboards.

One of the standout features of Heap is its ability to provide businesses with a deep understanding of their customers' online interactions. Autocapture allows businesses to automatically collect data on every customer interaction without requiring any manual event tracking. This means that no valuable data is missed, providing businesses with a more accurate and complete picture of their customers' behavior. With session replay and heatmaps, businesses can visually see how users are navigating their websites or apps and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, Heap's path comparison feature allows businesses to compare different user paths to determine which ones lead to higher conversion rates.

Overall, Heap offers a comprehensive set of tools that can help businesses refine their strategies and optimize conversion funnels. Whether it's visual labeling for efficient analysis, data governance for accuracy and compliance, or an ROI calculator to measure the value derived from data-driven efforts, Heap provides everything businesses need to make data-informed decisions. By integrating with popular third-party applications like Salesforce and Marketo, Heap further enhances its capabilities and makes it even easier for businesses to leverage their existing tools. With its powerful features and industry-specific playbook templates, Heap is truly changing the game when it comes to business analytics.

Heap Pricing Plans

Heap offers four pricing plans: Free, Growth, Pro, and Premier. Each plan is designed to cater to different business needs and stages of growth.

The Free plan provides access to core analytics charts, guide integrations, single sign-on (SSO), unlimited enrichment sources, and six months of data history. It is ideal for businesses looking to find product-market fit and want to explore Heap's capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

The Growth plan includes all the features of the Free plan, with additional benefits such as unlimited users and reports, chart customization, CSV exports, 12 months of data history, and email support. This plan is suitable for startups that are scaling their operations and require more advanced analytics tools.

The Pro plan builds on the features of the Growth plan by offering account analytics, engagement matrix, report alerts, optional add-ons, and standard support. It also introduces custom session pricing for businesses that need more tailored solutions to supercharge their analytics efforts.

Finally, the Premier plan is designed for large organizations and includes all the features of the Pro plan along with data warehouse integration, behavioral targeting capabilities, unlimited projects, advanced user permissions, dedicated customer success manager (CSM), and premium support. Custom session pricing is also available for this plan.

Overall, Heap's pricing plans provide businesses with flexibility and scalability options based on their specific requirements. From startups finding product-market fit to large organizations looking to enable teams with advanced analytics capabilities, Heap offers a range of features and support levels to meet diverse business needs.

  • Free

    The Free plan offered by Heap provides users with an opportunity to explore and utilize the platform without any cost. It allows businesses to get started with Heap and experience its capabilities before deciding on a paid subscription.

  • Growth

    The Growth pricing plan offered by Heap is designed to help businesses scale their start-up operations. It provides an array of features and benefits that cater to the needs of growing businesses, allowing them to optimize their analytics and gain valuable insights into user behaviors.

  • Pro

    The Pro pricing plan offered by Heap is designed to supercharge analytics for businesses. It provides advanced capabilities and support to help businesses optimize their digital strategies and gain deeper insights into user behaviors.

  • Premier

    The Premier pricing plan offered by Heap is designed to cater to the needs of large organizations. It provides advanced features and support to enable teams in optimizing their analytics and user experiences.


In conclusion, Heap is a comprehensive analytical and digital insight platform that offers businesses the tools they need to understand and optimize their customers' online journeys. With its range of features, including autocapture, session replay, and heatmaps, Heap allows businesses to refine their strategies and enhance the user experience. The availability of different pricing plans ensures that businesses of all sizes can access the benefits of Heap's powerful analytics. By integrating with third-party applications and offering additional benefits like data governance and educational resources, Heap proves itself as a valuable tool for businesses looking to gain insights and drive growth.