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Indeqa Board is the ultimate solution for effortless board management. With this software, managing your board has never been easier. Sign up to enjoy a free 30-day trial of its premium subscription plans and unlock a wealth of features, from continuous updates to priority support. Its paid plans start at just €9.50 per user per month, offering a truly affordable option for your board.

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Indeqa Board Pricing Plans & Packages

Introducing Indeqa Board, the game-changing board management software that is revolutionizing the way organizations handle their board meetings. Designed with efficiency and productivity in mind, Indeqa Board offers a suite of powerful features that streamline the meeting process from start to finish.

With its seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, Indeqa Board simplifies the task of organizing and managing board meetings. Secretaries and office assistants can effortlessly synchronize calendars, recommend suitable meeting times, and securely share documents through its innovative Meeting Documents feature. Gone are the days of tedious manual tasks – Indeqa Board takes care of it all.

Not only does Indeqa Board save time and effort, but it also ensures that important information is never missed. With encrypted data storage for up to 30 days and accessibility from any device, you can stay on top of your meetings no matter where you are. Additionally, by seamlessly integrating with other applications like Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, sharing documents with meeting guests becomes a breeze.

Experience a new level of productivity in your board meetings with Indeqa Board. Say goodbye to inefficiency and hello to streamlined processes that will transform the way you handle your organization's meetings. Try Indeqa Board today and discover how it can revolutionize your board management experience.

Indeqa Board Pricing Plans

Indeqa Board offers flexible pricing plans to suit the needs of organizations looking to streamline their board meetings. The Flexible Monthly Plan is priced at $9.5 per month and provides access to all the features and benefits of Indeqa Board on a monthly basis.

For those who prefer an annual subscription, Indeqa Board also offers Yearly Subscriptions with additional features. However, the specific details of these features are not mentioned in the given background information.

With its affordable pricing options, Indeqa Board aims to make efficient board meeting management accessible to organizations of all sizes. Whether you choose the monthly plan or opt for an annual subscription, Indeqa Board ensures that you have a centralized platform to schedule meetings, organize documents, track tasks and decisions, and seamlessly integrate with other applications like Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.

Overall, Indeqa Board's pricing plans cater to the diverse needs of organizations, providing them with a cost-effective solution to enhance productivity and efficiency in their board meetings.

  • Flexible Monthly Plan

    Indeqa Board offers a flexible monthly pricing plan to cater to the needs of organizations looking for a customizable board management solution. With its competitive pricing, this plan provides access to the powerful features of Indeqa Board at an affordable monthly rate.

  • Yearly Subscriptions

    The Yearly Subscriptions plan offers a cost-effective option for organizations looking to commit to Indeqa Board for an extended period. With its comprehensive features and benefits, this plan provides long-term value and convenience for managing board meetings efficiently.


In conclusion, Indeqa Board is a game-changing board management software that simplifies and enhances the way board meetings are conducted. With its seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, it offers a comprehensive solution for organizing meetings, sharing documents, and tracking tasks and decisions. The flexible pricing plans make it accessible to organizations of all sizes. Whether you're a secretary or an office assistant, Indeqa Board empowers you to streamline your meeting process and increase efficiency. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your board meetings – try Indeqa Board today and experience a new level of productivity.