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JanusXR's widget generator creates collaborative 3D web spaces linked by portals. It enables users to easily meet new people, explore, and host content on the open web. Users can also customize Janus' open-source multiplayer server to meet their specific needs.

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JanusXR Features

  • JanusXR Features3D Web : Transforms any webpage into a 3D space where users can meet & explore with others.
  • JanusXR FeaturesCompletely Decentralized : Allows hosting content on the open web, without any central authority control.
  • JanusXR FeaturesCollaboration Support : Lets a user join together with his friends to create real-time content.
  • JanusXR FeaturesCommunity-Centered : Allows users to post their spaces & get feedback on them from community members.
  • JanusXR FeaturesEmbedding Capability : Allows you to embed a 3D WebVR portal to your webspace into any 2D webpage.
  • JanusXR FeaturesYouTube Translator : Makes watching videos a seamless experience by providing real-time content translation.

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