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Kylas presents a range of pricing options, including three subscription plans: Free, Elevate, and Exceed. The Elevate plan is priced at INR 12,999 per month, while the Exceed plan costs INR 75,000 per month. Users keen on testing the tool can opt for the Free plan, which provides a thorough understanding of features before committing to a paid subscription. Kylas also extends a 15-day free trial for their paid plans. Additionally, users can request a demo through their customer support for a closer look at the tool's capabilities.

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Kylas Pricing Plans & Packages

Introducing Kylas - the cutting-edge CRM solution designed to revolutionize businesses in their growth journey. Powered by AI, Kylas offers a wide range of functionalities to help businesses optimize their sales efforts and boost success rates. Its comprehensive approach allows businesses to consolidate communication channels, track and manage essential components of sales pipelines, and make informed decisions for improved efficiency.

At the core of Kylas' offerings is its ability to centralize leads, deals, contacts, and companies, streamlining operations and optimizing the customer communication process. This enables businesses to finely tune their sales strategies and allocate resources effectively. With a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android users, Kylas ensures that critical sales data is accessible on the go, allowing users to effortlessly manage leads and gain insights into pipeline status.

Whether you're a Sales Manager or Sales Representative, Kylas provides a holistic solution for efficient teamwork, lead management, deal management, collaboration, and more. Choose from our trio of subscription plans - Free, Elevate, and Exceed - to experience the benefits of Kylas. And with seamless integration with popular third-party applications like Gmail, Mailchimp, Shopify, Stripe, and more, Kylas offers unparalleled flexibility for businesses looking to transform their operations. Discover how Kylas can propel your business forward today!

Kylas Pricing Plans

Kylas offers three pricing plans - Free, Elevate, and Exceed - to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. These plans provide users with access to different features and functionalities at varying price points.

The Free plan allows businesses to experience the core features of Kylas at no cost. It serves as a great starting point for small businesses or those looking to explore the CRM solution before committing to a subscription. The Elevate plan, priced at $12,999 per month, offers additional advanced features and capabilities that can help businesses streamline their sales processes and improve efficiency. Lastly, the Exceed plan, priced at $75,000 per month, provides enterprise-level functionalities and support for larger organizations with more complex sales operations.

By offering these pricing plans, Kylas aims to provide flexibility and scalability to businesses of all sizes. Whether it's a small startup or a large enterprise, Kylas has a plan suitable for every stage of growth. With its comprehensive set of features and competitive pricing, Kylas positions itself as a leading CRM solution in the market.

  • Embark

    The Embark pricing plan offered by Kylas is designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive CRM solution at an affordable price. This plan offers a range of features to help businesses optimize their sales efforts and streamline operations.

  • Elevate

    The Elevate pricing plan offered by Kylas is designed to provide businesses with advanced CRM functionalities. With its monthly price of 12999, this plan offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to optimize their sales efforts and streamline operations.

  • Exceed

    The Exceed plan is the highest-tier pricing plan offered by Kylas. It offers advanced functionalities and capabilities to meet the needs of businesses looking for a comprehensive CRM solution.


In conclusion, Kylas is a cutting-edge CRM solution that offers businesses the tools they need to optimize their sales efforts and drive growth. With its AI-powered functionalities, Kylas streamlines operations, centralizes communication channels, and empowers informed decision-making. The availability of a dedicated mobile app ensures users can manage leads and access critical sales data on the go. With three subscription plans to choose from, including a free option and a 15-day free trial for paid plans, businesses can easily find the right fit for their needs. By integrating with popular third-party applications, Kylas offers even greater flexibility and efficiency. Experience the transformative power of Kylas for your business today!