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Lever is a talent acquisition suite that assists companies to find the ideal candidates to hire for vacant positions that meet the job requirements set by the organizations. Its talent relationship management platform supports services that are adequate enough to assist all the business models like small-sized, mid, or large enterprises.

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Lever Features

  • Lever FeaturesPipeline Management : Tracks and manages the phases in which candidates move forward from one end to the other.
  • Lever FeaturesCareers Page : Optimized web pages or portals in which job postings are hosted and managed.
  • Lever FeaturesApplicant Tracking : Tracks and monitors the ideal candidates throughout the phases of the recruitment process.
  • Lever FeaturesSelf-Service Portal : Allows candidates to operate a few features in the portal without any assistance.
  • Lever FeaturesSocial Media Integration : Integrates with social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc for improving leads in job portals.
  • Lever FeaturesCandidate Management : Tracks and maintains transparent communication with candidates in the entire recruitment process.

Lever Ratings and ReviewsLever Ratings and Reviews

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Top Reviews
  • Julie A. KellyCorporate Recruiter



    We are using Lever as our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). We have also integrated with Checkr to run background and drug screens once the candidate has accepted the offer. Lever begins with an array of possibilities when a candidate first applies. I love the quick review feature where you can quickly move through new applicants/resumes and determine if they should move forward to the manager review or not the right fit for the position. From there you are able to place them into the archives along with the reasoning, "not a good fit", "not the right location", "position has been filled" - these are all set up according to our custom needs, which means if things change, we are also able to change with quick help from Customer Service.

  • Philippe J.Internet



    Have to face the support on a regular basis concerning data integration : format issues with excel Non-responsive ( between 1h and more than a week ... ?) The support is absolutely chaotic, each request is a nightmare, because each support agent has his own process, so I have to re-explained again and again...what the previous one did to be successful. Support agent used switching every request and nobody is following up properly his client... clearly non-qualitative approach.