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LibreOffice is an exceptional office suite that combines a simple user interface, powerful tools, and multi-platform compatibility to enhance productivity and creativity. With its continuous updates and commitment to open-source, it remains a popular choice for individuals and businesses seeking efficient and feature-rich office software.

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LibreOffice Features

  • LibreOffice FeaturesStunning Templates : Offers a wide selection of pre-designed templates for users to create visually appealing documents.
  • LibreOffice FeaturesExtension Support : Enhances functionality with spellcheckers, dictionaries, and other extensions, to suit specific needs.
  • LibreOffice FeaturesSeamless Presentation Imports : Users can import presentation templates from other software seamlessly to streamline the design process.
  • LibreOffice FeaturesRemote File Access : Allows users to access and edit files stored on remote servers for collaboration.
  • LibreOffice FeaturesStylish Dark Mode : Comes with a sleek and modern interface with a dark mode option to reduce eye strain.
  • LibreOffice FeaturesEfficient Data Tables : Users can create and manage data tables efficiently to organize, analyze, and present information effectively.

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  • Curt Dickmanowner



    This review is primarily directed to small businesses. I own a small auto repair business and use LibreOffice to generate all documents not created by my invoicing program. It is easy to use for making letters, labels, business cards - anything I need to produce. I have used it to view PowerPoint presentations, and it worked trouble free. I really like the export as pdf function. Whenever I need to attach a document to an email this ensures compatibility. My wife is a nurse and is required to use state provided forms in one of the Microsoft formats. LibreOffice has worked well with these documents. We both use fully encrypted Linux installs, so I am unable to compare with Microsoft Office. I don't use spreadsheets or databases, so I can't comment on their use. I have read some of the documentation on their use, and they appear to be quite functional. For a small business that doesn't want to spend the money on Microsoft Office, give LibreOffice a try.
    Open and save Microsoft formats, I have not run into any issues with compatibility. Export as PDF ensures I can provide a digital document that is usable Easy download and install in Windows

  • Verified UserAdministrator



    We use LibreOffice through out the entire organization. It's mostly used for spreadsheets, data tracking, exporting and importing inventory via user-created .csv files and it's occasionally used for word processing and making signs in the retail store. The vast majority of users do very well with the minor differences from office, and not having to use the official licensing is a huge plus, especially when you have a front end that opens a document to merge with other data.
    Some Excel created spreadsheets have formatting issues. Some of the more advanced Excel functions take some extra effort to achieve.