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Amazon WorkDocs is a cutting-edge cloud-based document-sharing tool designed to enhance secure file storage and collaboration. With its comprehensive file collaboration and management features, WorkDocs empowers teams to collaborate seamlessly, make real-time edits, and provide valuable feedback. By offering a secure and efficient solution, WorkDocs streamlines teamwork and enables effective file management, helping teams achieve their goals effortlessly.

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Amazon WorkDocs Features

  • Amazon WorkDocs FeaturesAPI Monitoring : Allows users to track and analyze the API usage and performance for effective management.
  • Amazon WorkDocs FeaturesBuilt-in Search : Offers a robust search functionality to quickly locate files, folders, and content within the document repository.
  • Amazon WorkDocs FeaturesData Replication : Files stored are replicated across multiple locations for data redundancy and protection against loss or failure.
  • Amazon WorkDocs FeaturesRole-Based Authorization : Ensures secure collaboration and file sharing based on designated roles within the organization.
  • Amazon WorkDocs FeaturesMulti-factor Authentication : Supports an extra layer of security by requiring users to provide multiple forms of verification during login.
  • Amazon WorkDocs FeaturesAuto Activation : Allows users to quickly activate and access their accounts for seamless file sharing and collaboration.

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    Amazon WorkDocs is a secure enterprise storage and sharing service with real time access to documents on the go irrespective of the platform you are using such as, PC, Web, Cellphone or tab. Documents can be shared with other team members over the network or be shared with other authorized users outside the network and version history can be maintained. WorkDocs provide you features such as adding review or discussion, comments. It also supports most of the file formats that are known. Authors will have the full control on who can have the right to read or write on the documents. Only issue is the price, it gets quite expensive as the user count and document database size starts increasing.

  • Gloria I. F.Asesor de comunicaciones en la direccin de educacin



    My experience with this software has been good, I like almost all its features. The only thing that I did not like is that it has many tools and functionalities and it is difficult to understand its use. Review collected by and hosted on