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MCUBE is a cloud telephony service provider tool designed to streamline business communications. It enables efficient customer interaction management, encompassing voice and text interactions, all within a single platform. By unifying communication channels, this tool enhances productivity and facilitates better customer engagement, making it an invaluable resource for businesses aiming to optimize their communication processes.

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MCUBE Features

  • MCUBE FeaturesCall Flow Diagnostics : Allows users to record telephonic conversations, enabling easy retrieval and documentation of inbound calls for future reference.
  • MCUBE FeaturesLive Call Tracking : Businesses can monitor phone calls in real time, ensuring efficient communication and responsiveness.
  • MCUBE FeaturesCustomized Voice Notification : Allows users to create personalized voice messages using text-to-speech or recorded messages.
  • MCUBE FeaturesInternet-Based Calling : Make and receive calls using an internet connection instead of traditional phone lines, enhancing flexibility.
  • MCUBE FeaturesSingle Voice Blast : Allows simultaneous delivery of pre-recorded messages to a large recipient group.
  • MCUBE FeaturesReal-Time Call Tracking : Gains real-time insights into call progress, enabling campaign monitoring and adjustments for optimal results.