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OpenPhone is a cloud-based phone system for businesses and professionals. It offers virtual phone numbers, call forwarding, text messaging, voicemail, and team collaboration features. Users can easily manage their phone communications, forward calls to multiple devices, and integrate with other business tools. It's a flexible and modern solution for remote teams, small businesses, and startups seeking a professional communication platform.

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  • OpenPhone FeaturesThreads : Enables internal team discussions through private threads, offering a space to collaboratively resolve issues away from customer view.
  • OpenPhone FeaturesUnified Conversations : Seamlessly integrates with text messages, call logs, recordings, and voicemails in a single conversation thread.
  • OpenPhone FeaturesSnippets : Saves frequently used messages as snippets to quickly reuse them, eliminating the need to type them out repeatedly.
  • OpenPhone FeaturesMessage Scheduling : Schedule messages to be sent at a specific time or date, with the flexibility to cancel or reschedule as needed.
  • OpenPhone FeaturesAuto Recording : Easily records calls manually or set up automatic recording to ensure you capture valuable conversations for future reference.
  • OpenPhone FeaturesCall Forwarding : Automatically redirects incoming calls to another U.S. or Canadian phone number, improving call management and accessibility.

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  • Michael ChenAttorney



    OpenPhone is the application we use for our phone system. It is the only phone system we use, and we use it for all incoming and outgoing calls. OpenPhone has many useful attributes, such as being able to upload our own recorded greeting, call history/call log, marking calls unread, in-app texting, and call transfers. We use all of these features in-depth.
    In-app contacts list Call transfer In-app messaging between team members

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    The poor quality of the phone call, and the lack of notifications similar to your own phone Review collected by and hosted on