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OnlyOffice offers a free version that allows users to experience its services at no cost. For those seeking additional features and capabilities, a license can be purchased at a price of $15. Users have the freedom to select the plan that best meets their demands and budget thanks to this pricing system.

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OnlyOffice Pricing Plans & Packages

Introducing OnlyOffice, a comprehensive suite of office productivity tools designed to revolutionize the way individuals and organizations work. Developed in 2008 by IT professionals from Ascensio System SIA, OnlyOffice offers a range of features that enhance communication, collaboration, and document production. With its intuitive interface and extensive capabilities, this powerful solution has become a go-to choice for businesses seeking efficiency and enhanced productivity.

OnlyOffice stands out for its seamless viewing, editing, and collaboration on various document types. Whether it's creating fillable forms, converting textbooks into e-books, or easily importing and exporting PDF files, OnlyOffice provides a user-friendly experience that caters to diverse needs. Its emphasis on compatibility across different devices makes it convenient for users to access their documents from anywhere at any time. With OnlyOffice's focus on collaboration and security, businesses can streamline workflows and ensure efficient team management. Additionally, its integration support with popular third-party applications through Connectors allows for seamless connectivity and enhances productivity even further. Discover the benefits of OnlyOffice today and see how it can transform your work processes.

OnlyOffice Pricing Plans

OnlyOffice offers two pricing plans: STARTUP and BUSINESS. The STARTUP plan is designed for small teams and includes features such as 1 administrator, up to 12 rooms, 2 power users, and 2 GB of file storage per space. It also provides support through the community forum. The BUSINESS plan, on the other hand, is suitable for larger organizations with unlimited administrators, rooms, power users, and users in each room. It offers 100 GB of file storage per space and includes support during business hours.

These pricing plans cater to different needs and budgets, allowing businesses to choose the option that best suits their requirements. With its affordable pricing and comprehensive set of features, OnlyOffice aims to provide a cost-effective solution for enhancing productivity, collaboration, and document management in various industries. Whether it's for a small team or a large organization, OnlyOffice offers scalable pricing plans that ensure seamless communication and efficient workflow management.


    The STARTUP pricing plan offered by OnlyOffice provides a comprehensive suite of office productivity tools at an affordable rate. It caters to the needs of individuals and organizations seeking enhanced communication, collaboration, and document production capabilities.


    The BUSINESS pricing plan offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking for unlimited access and advanced features. With its flexible options and robust capabilities, this plan caters to the needs of organizations seeking enhanced productivity and collaboration.


In conclusion, OnlyOffice is a comprehensive suite of office productivity tools that offers seamless collaboration, enhanced document production, and efficient team management. With its affordable pricing plans, including a free version to try before committing, OnlyOffice ensures access to advanced features that enhance productivity and collaboration. Whether it's through document collaboration or comprehensive business process management, OnlyOffice provides a unified interface that streamlines workflows. Its integration support with popular third-party applications also allows for seamless connectivity. Overall, OnlyOffice is the ideal choice for businesses seeking efficient team management and enhanced productivity.