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Oracle Analytics Cloud is a public cloud service solution that allows businesses to easily gain insight into their data. Users can use this platform to explore a variety of data through interactive visualizations, model data, and analyze it by creating visually appealing reports and dashboards.

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Oracle Analytics Cloud Features

  • Oracle Analytics Cloud FeaturesConnect : Offers 35 built-in native connectors, an in-memory engine, as well as direct query and caching options.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud FeaturesModel : Supports trusted and governed semantic models, self-service modeling, and data augmentation.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud FeaturesPrepare & Enrich : Provides a visual representation of data's quality and offers a code-free capability.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud FeaturesVisualization Tools : Offers self-service data visualization, centralized reports & dashboards, and auto-insights.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud FeaturesMulti-Browser : Allows accessing & transforming data sets directly from any browser on any device.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud FeaturesDeploy & Administer : Deploys on-premise using Oracle's next-generation cloud infrastructure.

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    My company mainly uses this for their consumer data analysis and it is very helpful.
    I love the multiple features of this software. The number of things that can be done by this software is numerous. It is quite easy to use once you get the hang of it. We use this a lot in the procurement department of the communication company that I work. Once you start using this software, you sometimes wonder how did you even work without it in the first place!
    It was a bit difficult for me to get hold of the software. It was different than any previous software I have used.

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    I liked the complicated support for property graphs Getting started with propert graphs is difficult because of the complexity of user interface none yet