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An embedded analytics platform and modern business intelligence tool called Panintelligence can be used to boost conversion rates, customer retention, and customer satisfaction. With Painintelligence, you can white label for a consistent brand experience, integrate no-code analytics into your workstreams, etc.

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Panintelligence Features

  • Panintelligence FeaturesSeamless Integration : Supports integration of low-code solutions into existing stacks.
  • Panintelligence FeaturesPermissions : Allows role-based restrictions and permission to drive data visibility and user capability.
  • Panintelligence FeaturesData Governance : Ensures dull governance and data integrity using pi integration into the data stack.
  • Panintelligence FeaturesCustomizable Reports : Tailor the information that is presented in the report to your specific needs.
  • Panintelligence FeaturesKey Performance Indicators : Track your progress and measure how well you are performing against your goals.
  • Panintelligence FeaturesTrend Analysis : Identify shifts in data that may indicate trends that you want to pay attention to.

Panintelligence Ratings and ReviewsPanintelligence Ratings and Reviews

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Top Reviews
  • Andrea S.Data Research Analyst



    I love that you can so easily create a new dashboard and that everything is connected and exploreable. The user interface is visually appealing and easy to navigate. I like its ability to generate massive data from multiple sources with ease. This tool enables reporting at scale through Data Security settings where we can share a single dashboard and each client only sees their own data. The designer capabilities are very intuitive and their support and account management are very responsive. I like that it allows our end users to monitor KPIs and other relevant metrics in an easy and interactive way. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Richard W.National Sales Manager



    The current barrier to entry is that you still need a reasonably technical understanding to refine some of the reporting. This is a huge leap from needing to write your own SQL queries but is not quite at a drag and drop UX yet. Review collected by and hosted on