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PDFmyURL provides a professional API for converting webpage/HTML to PDF. You can use this platform to allow your website visitors to easily save web pages as PDF with a single click, as well as convert the entire website to PDF.

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PDFmyURL Features

  • PDFmyURL FeaturesPDF Links : Allows your visitors to save PDFs using PDF links shared on your web pages.
  • PDFmyURL FeaturesLayout : You can control a variety of layout options, and also set custom headers/footers.
  • PDFmyURL FeaturesWebsite to PDF Converter : Convert your entire website into a single PDF by entering the URL on the site.
  • PDFmyURL FeaturesAdd Watermarks : Allows users to add watermarks, page backgrounds, stamps, and more.
  • PDFmyURL FeaturesBatch URL Conversion : Convert many web pages into a single PDF file using the batch web to PDF API.
  • PDFmyURL FeaturesModify Web Pages : You can modify parts of your web pages, or even exclude some as per the need.

PDFmyURL Ratings and ReviewsPDFmyURL Ratings and Reviews

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  • Ajay V.Designer



    When I first open PDFmyURL there aren't much option to choose from, and that's what makes it very simple and easy to use, we can just put the URL and just click on save and it will start downloading the file, but that's just not it, there are lots of other options available in the advanced menu, like setting margins, header,footer ,page layout and more, and those are some really good customising options that we can choose. There is a browser extension available, which can be installed easily, and that will give us instant save to PDF with one click , I really like that quick convert to PDF option. We can save a web page into PDF, but all the customisation options aren't free ,we have to pay in order to use those features, and those features includes adding margin, setting page layout ,adding header and footer and more. PDFmyURL can be used very easily, and it's a really good tool for everyone, and this is an online tool so it can be accessed from any browser. So PDFmyURL is a useful tool for web page to PDF conversions. There were lots of time I had to save a web page for offline access, and now with help of PDFmyURL I can save any website into a PDF document ,which helped me with my work a lot.

  • Jishnu J.Marketing Executive



    The process of converting a web page to a PDF file is very easy with pdfmyurl, we only have to enter the web site address on the text box and if we don't have any customization, we can just press the save button, the conversion of the file will be done in seconds, it always convert to PDF very quickly. we also have an option to add heading and margins in the options menu, its like some extra customization that we can add to make our output PDF file for our needs. We can also add watermark, make our pdf file secure with a password ,change orientation and more. It works fine for me, the only downside I notice is that it requires payment for using the extra options, so without purchasing, we only get use the basic functions and that is just convert web page to pdf without any customization . Its a really useful tool, and you can use it from anywhere, you have to pay to use most of its features, but even without the payment you can still convert any web page into PDF file. And you only have to pay if you need the extra options, otherwise its free. saving web contents in PDF document were really helpful, because PDF is more convenient format that we can save documents, and when we need to save a data from web site, we just ave that into PDF file using pdfmyurl.

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