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SEOwind stands out as a top-tier AI-powered writing assistant. It expertly crafts content that captivates readers and significantly enhances online visibility. Users can harness the tool's AI capabilities to effortlessly generate traffic-optimized articles. Its seamless blend of artificial intelligence and SEO expertise makes it a must-have for content creators and marketers. SEOwind empowers users to effortlessly create informative, traffic-driving content, making it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to excel in the digital landscape.

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Positive Comments
  • Verified User in Information Technology and ServicesSmall-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    Content briefs can be so time-consuming, but they're imperative for your writers. SEOwind gives me an easy platform for researching competitive keywords and topics, then seamlessly building out a brief that guides my writers to the best possible articles. Even writers who aren't trained in SEO now have a map for their first draft, which makes it easier than starting from scratch. I also have less need to edit for SEO because we did the work up front. The dashboard lets you look back on previous content briefs so you can build on existing research. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Peter H.Director

    The simplified workflow has meant it is quicker to create the briefs, we a building better briefs due to the 360 view of the information, and it is easier to manage the overall process. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Lia S.VP of Content Marketing

    My favorite part: SEOwind's user interface (UI). I used Dashword previously. I got to be a beta tester of SEOwind and appreciated how founder Tom Winter was open to feedback and listened to his users without compromising his vision. The result: A stellar product, tried, tested, and enhanced with feedback from SEO pros, marketers, and content writers. Review collected by and hosted on

Negative Comments
  • Verified User in Information Technology and ServicesSmall-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    If you're on the free plan, you miss out on the AI and keyword research tools that make the service better than others. I've tested out a few of the premium features, and while I appreciate the updates, they're not yet strong enough to justify the cost. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Sim S.Content Marketer

    It takes a minute for the brief to appear on the dashboard. The AI suggestions for titles also take a minute to appear, so in terms of loading times, the tool could be better. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Barri C.Director / Marketing Consultant

    The only other downside really is that it doesn't also use AI to write the article / content. This would be great to be able to use that content as is (with some tweaking of course) or to pass to my content writers to edit and flesh out. Review collected by and hosted on