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Spatial is a 3D collaborative space that was created to provide the best virtual reality experience possible when hosting meetings for effective collaboration. The best part about Spatial is that it allows users with and without VR headsets to meet and collaborate.

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  • Spatial Features3D Realistic Avatar : Turns 2D photographs into a 3D rendering of your face and upper torso using AI.
  • Spatial FeaturesMedia Sharing : VR-enabled media sharing allows file importing of files from both 2D & 3D media apps.
  • Spatial FeaturesLink Invitations : Like Zoom, allows you to share a link and make people join the meeting from it.
  • Spatial FeaturesHandy Collaboration Aids : Supports screen share specific apps, and notes scribing using touch.
  • Spatial FeaturesVirtual Mirrors : Lets you glance at your avatar like a real mirror.
  • Spatial FeaturesDesktop Sharing : Enables showcasing files from desktops to everyone in the room.

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  • Brett R.Director



    I really like the integration of the presentation tools into Spatial along with the avatar creation using your own face in VR, and a floating face above the non-customized avatar. The environments are also very clean. They have also been updating the app very frequently, adding in new features on a regular basis. The app can be a little bit buggy in relation to NFT's at the moment. There was an NFT art gallery that was a space that was created and it had a lot of potentials, but it crashed several of us on our headsets (Quest 2) forcing a hard restart of the device. While not like actually meeting in a room, Spatial gives you a virtual meeting that works very well. It turns out to be a different "kind" of meeting - where you can still get things done, but there is almost a sense of wonder and fun interjected even into the most mundane of meetings. Unfortunately, for some, it can be a bit of a distraction - but like any new type of technology integration, there will be an adjustment phase.

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    The graphics are nice. It is good to meet virtually there. Maybe that is useful for them for the NFT side. The hologram effect can be improved. Also, they are not focusing on meeting much now and doing the NFT market. It would have been great if they stuck around and improved Spatial for meetings. We evaluated for our remote meetups and discussions but did not choose Spatial finally.