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WeTransfer allows you to send files and photos between devices quickly and easily, no matter where you are. The platform has a free version that allows users to send files up to 2GB for free, while the Plus version allows for unlimited sharing, personalization, and a plethora of features.

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  • WeTransfer FeaturesData Storage Management : Keep files securely stored on WeTransfer's servers to access them from any device/location.
  • WeTransfer FeaturesFile Sharing : Share files with friends, or colleagues without having to send individual files back and forth.
  • WeTransfer FeaturesSSL Security : Ensures that your data is always protected when transferring between devices.
  • WeTransfer FeaturesPassword Protection : Helps keep your files safe from accidental or unauthorized access.
  • WeTransfer FeaturesWorkflow Management : Easily manages multiple tasks at once by creating separate folders for each project.
  • WeTransfer FeaturesShared Branding : Offers customizable wallpapers, emails, etc as per your company branding needs.

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Top Reviews
  • Ann M. FrankDigital Asset Management and Art Buyer



    We actually use both other platforms because we may be required to by our clients or vendors. I find We Transfer easier to use especially remotely - quicker to upload and send.
    WeTransfer works well for sharing outside of a shared drive, and especially for large file sizes. The biggest challenge is that there are other options for file sharing and our clients and vendors use many different ones - it would be great if we could adopt just one.
    Sharing large files Accessing files remotely Sharing files remotely Sharing with those who do not have access to our shared drive (clients, vendors, 3rd parties)
    File limit for the free transfer version sometimes is not enough Chrome can be a bit wonky uploading - sometimes it takes more than once to complete

  • Aubrey DixonFinance Administrator



    While Dropbox does offer features that WeTransfer does not in terms of collaboration & organization, WeTransfer is the better option for simple file transfers. In my experience, WeTransfer is much faster for uploads & downloads. The premium version of WeTransfer also offers a lot of customization options that Dropbox does not.
    I would definitely recommend WeTransfer - especially the paid version. I feel like all of the shortcomings with the free service (file size limit & content deletion after 7 days) are all fixed when you upgrade your account, and the service is not very expensive. It only costs $12/monthly or $120/annually. WeTransfer makes it so easy to send files, and the additional features such as creating a link to your content & password protection are great. Very straightforward & easy to use.
    WeTransfer is very fast for uploading & downloading. WeTransfer allows you to see if the document was opened by the recipient & how many times. WeTransfer allows you to password protect documents. WeTransfer is extremely secure & safe to use.
    The file size limit is 2GB unless you get the premium account. Files are deleted after 7 days unless you have a premium account. Large file uploads may fail unless you have a very strong internet connection.

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