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GoodData, a business intelligence (BI), and data analytics platform is an excellent choice for businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage. It enables the creation of real-time dashboards and code-free analytics applications with open APIs.

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  • GoodData FeaturesAd hoc Reporting : Lets you quickly and easily generate reports on the data that you select.
  • GoodData FeaturesData Management : Makes it easy for you to organize your data and identify trends.
  • GoodData FeaturesPerformance Metrics : Helps you track the progress and performance of your business.
  • GoodData FeaturesMetadata Management : Lets you keep track of the data elements that are relevant to your business.
  • GoodData FeaturesPredictive Analytics : Predict future outcomes based on past events or data sets.
  • GoodData FeaturesKPI Tracking : Track progress towards goals across various departments within an organization.

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  • Sofia MartinezAccounting Consultant



    Embedded Business Intelligence (BI) is the integration of self-service Business Intelligence (BI) Tools into normally used business applications. GoodData is one of the names which comes to mind from Embedded Business Intelligence (BI) Tools. GoodData provides growth through analytics. As a user of GoodData, I feel that GoodData is user-friendly and in sync with a lot of industry-standard data analysis and reporting tools.
    In my opinion, GoodData is a useful software where you have a larger data set that is required to be analyzed. Businesses that do not have a larger data set to be analyzed can use the MS Excel tool which will be good enough to analyze the data. In short, GoodData is more suitable and appropriate for larger data sets.
    It's a good platform that has a flexible pricing plan which means that users can get hands-on service free at the start. GoodData provides its users with excellent charts and drill-down analysis which makes complex large data sets so simplified and easy to understand and interpret. For me it is so convenient because everything just gets saturated on a single page.
    Whilst GoodData is positive, it is also negative as I have found some limitations associated with GoodData as well. With experience in using the software of GoodData, I feel like there is a fluctuation in availability to maintain the code of the dashboards and workspaces. GoodData just has limited ways to securely transfer information between our systems and our client's systems.

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    Not sure whether this is a restriction on GoodData or the platform through which we access GoodData, but new data can only be pulled every half-hour, so it's impossible to get data in [real-time]. Not being able to join database tables is a pretty big drawback.
    GoodData is not a replacement for a more robust reporting engine like SQL[.]
    [GoodData] has good documentation with plenty of native and user-created examples
    This may be due to how GoodData is integrated into Mavenlink (our PM tool) but data is only refreshed every half hour, so pulling data in real-time is not possible.

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