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Google Workspace is a cloud-based office suite that lets you work on the go. Individuals and teams can easily connect and collaborate with Workspace, formerly G-suite, and access tools such as Calendar, Chat, Meet, Drive, Sheets, Docs, Forms, Sites, and much more to achieve more.

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  • Google Workspace FeaturesTask Management : You can manage the tasks assigned to you and track the progress of each one.
  • Google Workspace FeaturesCustomizable Branding : You can set up different work areas and make them look as stylish as you like.
  • Google Workspace FeaturesDocument Storage : You can store all your documents in Google Workspace and access them from anywhere.
  • Google Workspace FeaturesTwo-Factor Authentication : Helps to protect your data and personal information.
  • Google Workspace FeaturesVideo Conferencing : Connect with coworkers or clients in real-time, from anywhere in the world.
  • Google Workspace FeaturesReal-time Updates : Keep everyone up to date on important changes or developments within the company.

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Google Workspace Ratings and ReviewsGoogle Workspace Ratings and Reviews

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    I have setup GSuite for my own company and for others. There are other options but GSuite is the best overall option for integration and working with all devices. The administration is fairly logical but not great. It shines in end user implementation due to familiarity and quality infrastructure. The infrastructure is the most reliable and without peer in my experience.
    Integration of desktop and cloud with mature tools and pretty much without peer, reliability. Vast array of third party integration and add-ons. High quality mail eliminates SO MANY headaches of running own mail server.
    Google support is not great at any level for any product. Frankly they come across as an arrogant company to me that doesn't value individual customers. I also started setting up GSuite for others and did not get credit from the GSuite referral program. The program itself shows the Google arrogance. Instead of what you'd expect from a referral program it is just vague, "trust us" assumptions with very little in the way of tracking your progress (this from the company that specializes in Big Data on an unequaled scale) that you have to go along with or not participate. Google rides the back of small business developers (primarily Adsense) but treats them with indifference and also kills off small business industry and while taking advantage of Open Source surreptitiously eliminates many of the great open source and "free" community based tools and services that the Internet was built on. (Google of course not the only Big company doing this. It is pretty much standard Silicon Valley) Normally I would just move on from any company like this, but Google is like the government of technology. They get their piece of everything and you have to take it. It is just too bad that they choose to be a dictatorship in their unique position, rather than egalitarian.

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