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Arthur is a virtual workspace where you can plan events, gatherings, games, work with teams, and more all in virtual reality. The platform is simple to use and completely adaptable to your meeting or event needs. With Arthur, you can now connect your teams from anywhere in the world.

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  • Arthur FeaturesSupport : Offers premium end-to-end support, onboarding sessions, full-range services, etc.
  • Arthur FeaturesFile Management : Create and organize files like 3D objects, videos, images, documents, etc.
  • Arthur FeaturesRich & Immersive Experience : Ensures that communication is seamless and efficient no matter where you are located.
  • Arthur FeaturesBroad Compatibility : Supports both PC and Mac platforms, so everyone can benefit from its powerful tools.
  • Arthur FeaturesTeam Bonding : Allows employees to bond over shared experiences and interests for greater synergies.
  • Arthur FeaturesTraining : Can help employees learn new skills or improve on those that they already have.

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  • Petra Isabel S.Executive Director (CEO)



    In leadership and personel development, working with VR offers an unsurpassable advantage due to the depth effect in the human brain. Arthur is one of the most professional VR platforms for collaboration and development. Everything we need in training and business coaching is available here to create resource-saving and highly effective workshops. Arthur offers photorealistic avatars, high flexibility in your own design and manages to fully exploit the possibilities of the hardware. We focus on added value and quality for our clients and for this Arthur is the best application. Arthur offers outstanding support and data security which is important for our customers. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Marcus L.Senior Project Lead



    Very rarely it is hard to pinpoint technical issues or get to the bottom of why something cannot be achieved. Review collected by and hosted on