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Bettermode presents two paid subscription options: Advanced and Enterprise. There's no free trial, but users can explore the platform before committing. The Advanced plan costs $599 per month, while the Enterprise plan requires sales contact. A rich resource center featuring blogs, books, and webinars is available for users to delve into prior to subscribing. For assistance, 24/7 customer support is readily accessible.

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Bettermode Pricing Plans & Packages

In today's digital age, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with their customers and enhance their overall experience. This is where Bettermode comes into play. Bettermode is an AI-powered customer community tool that is revolutionizing the way companies interact with their clientele.

With Bettermode, businesses can consolidate all of their customer engagement efforts onto a single platform, making it easier to manage and serve their customers effectively. This versatile platform offers a comprehensive solution to strengthen customer relationships and optimize the overall customer experience. From its extensive library of prebuilt templates to its mobile app for on-the-go management, Bettermode provides businesses with a range of features designed to foster engagement and build stronger connections with customers. Additionally, the platform offers unique capabilities like gamification and multilingual support, further setting it apart from its competitors in the market.

Overall, Bettermode offers businesses a powerful tool to enhance their customer community experience. With round-the-clock customer support and integration with various third-party applications, this platform provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to take their customer interactions to the next level.

Bettermode Pricing Plans

Bettermode offers two pricing plans: Advanced and Enterprise. The Advanced plan is priced at $599 per month and includes features such as advanced apps, API and webhooks, staging environment, fully white-label capabilities, single sign-on (SSO), and a dedicated customer success manager. The annual plan for the Advanced subscription offers the same features.

On the other hand, the Enterprise plan is designed for larger businesses and comes with additional features like enterprise-grade security, a master service agreement, uptime SLA (service level agreement), SAML authentication, data residency options, and an audit and activity log. The pricing details for the Enterprise plan are not specified.

These pricing plans allow businesses of all sizes to leverage Bettermode's AI-powered customer community tool to enhance customer engagement, strengthen relationships, and optimize their overall customer experience. With its comprehensive feature set and integration capabilities with third-party applications, Bettermode stands out as a valuable solution in the market for businesses looking to improve their customer community interactions.

  • Advanced

    The Advanced pricing plan offered by Bettermode provides businesses with a comprehensive set of tools and features to enhance their customer community experience. This plan offers advanced capabilities and resources to help businesses effectively engage with their customers and optimize their overall customer experience.

  • Enterprise

    The Enterprise plan is a premium pricing option offered by Bettermode. It provides businesses with an advanced level of service and additional features to meet the specific needs of larger organizations.


In conclusion, Bettermode presents a compelling solution for businesses seeking to elevate their customer community experience. With its robust features, including advanced apps, API and webhooks integration, fully white-label customization, and single sign-on functionality, Bettermode offers a comprehensive platform for businesses to strengthen customer relationships and streamline their operations. The availability of an enterprise plan further caters to larger organizations with enhanced security measures and data residency options. Overall, Bettermode stands out as an AI-powered tool that empowers businesses to optimize their customer engagement efforts and enhance the overall customer experience.