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ClickMeeting is an AI-driven video conferencing and webinar solution that empowers individuals and businesses to host virtual meetings, collaborations, online training, webinars, and virtual events. It supports webinar marketing efforts, providing a comprehensive platform for seamless online interactions and presentations. With its AI features, it enhances engagement and facilitates effective communication for a range of professional purposes.

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  • ClickMeeting FeaturesCreate Paid Webinars : Enables the creation of paid webinars, allowing monetization of valuable content and knowledge-sharing.
  • ClickMeeting FeaturesHuge Virtual Events : Seamlessly organizes and hosts extensive virtual events, accommodating large audiences of up to 1000.
  • ClickMeeting FeaturesModerate and Private Chat : Enables private one-on-one conversations between presenters or presenters and attendee.
  • ClickMeeting FeaturesCustomized Invitation : Personalizes invitations, manages contacts, and keeps address books organized for effective communication with potential clients.
  • ClickMeeting FeaturesWebinar Recording : Records webinars effortlessly for later access, distribution, or repurposing, extending the lifespan of content.
  • ClickMeeting FeaturesBreakout Rooms : Enables users to divide larger groups into smaller breakout rooms, enabling focused exchanges and collaboration.

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  • Verified ReviewerVerified LinkedIn UserRegional Director of Business Development



    Overall: It helped us to arrange a small scale webinars with our customers and we did not have too many errors but would be happy to see more features.

  • Emerson T.Marketing Communications Manager



    It uses Flash Player. Really, it does, no jokes here. This app freezes constantly putting eggs on my face. Last comment from a prospect during a live session with audio issues: "tighten the string on the tin can". According Click Meeting support my internet connection and the outdated browser is the one to blame. I'm starting to believe that all internet connections we tested from Brazil, Costa Rica, United States and the Philippines are terrible and none of Mac/Windows browsers are good enough for this software. Review collected by and hosted on