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Datapine is an all-in-one BI platform that allows users to easily manage, visualize, analyze, and share data with a dashboard. It enables you and your teams to secure access to your company's critical data, allowing you to make better decisions at any time.

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  • Datapine FeaturesAd Hoc Reporting : Reports are created on an as-needed basis and can be explored easily.
  • Datapine FeaturesCustomizable Branding : Reflect on the look and feel of your reports across all platforms.
  • Datapine FeaturesData Connectors : It allows you to connect with various external sources of information to extract relevant data.
  • Datapine FeaturesKPI Monitoring : Track the progress of your business strategies in a concise and organized manner.
  • Datapine FeaturesSales Reports : Gives detailed information on how much revenue each stage of the sales funnels generated.
  • Datapine FeaturesPerformance Metrics : Provides an overview of your company's overall health for further improvement.

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    The overall experience has been great. From the onboarding process to answering questions from our analysts and team members (both beginners and advanced users) they helped us and patiently led us through the tool, its features ,and what it can do for our business. As a CEO, it was important for me to find software that will act as our partner, and datapine's team is one of the best we have ever worked with!
    We were definitely impressed by the interactive features such as drill-downs, chart zooms, widget linking, filter features, tooltips, etc. There are so many options and possibilities that we don't need any other data analysis and visualization tool.
    I would prefer more options in the mobile version but the team stated they continuously develop new features so we will definitely follow-up.

  • Neil S.CTO



    It does the job it says on the tin - certainly not the best option out there though especially at their price point. Our main gripes with Datapine are their contract models and their customer service. They are clearly driven by money over customer satisfaction and this is confirmed by their subscription model that essentially traps you. You sign uip to a six month contract - however need toi give 8 weeks notice if you no longer wish to continue. There are no communications about an upcoming renewal and there is no visibility in your account about any sort of dates around this. You also have to provide written notice to do this. All very sneaky tactics employed by Datapine to lock as many people in as possible. When we reached out to Datapine to see if they could do anything to help us (this is 1 weeks prior to a contract renewal and not 8) they were very unhelpful, did not care at all and responded with very passive aggressive communication. Our business use case for Datapine was to display data on screens around our office. There many options of this out there that won't try and rip you off, offer a better service and have a better product. Dear Mr. Neil S., thank you for your honest review and for using datapine for your data display. We do believe that customers are important and we do constantly improve various areas, including our communication with our prospective clients. Were sorry you experienced issues with your contract since we dedicate ourselves to provide the best possible customer experience, including detailed information about our subscription possibilities and the time needed to cancel the cooperation.