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Dundas BI is a complete dashboard, reporting, and data analytics platform that is fully programmable, open, and highly flexible. It is simple to improve your win rates, maximize customer satisfaction, and earn massive profits with Dundas.

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Dundas BI Features

  • Dundas BI FeaturesCustomizable Dashboards : Create a view that is tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Dundas BI FeaturesData Visualization : Allows exploring complex datasets in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Dundas BI FeaturesAd Hoc Reporting : Allows for quick reporting of unexpected changes or events.
  • Dundas BI FeaturesMobile : Mobile-first dashboards make it easy to use and understand on-the-go.
  • Dundas BI FeaturesAnalytics : Offers detailed insights into your data to help analyze performance & identify trends.
  • Dundas BI FeaturesModern Enterprise Deployment : Delivers on-premises or in-the-cloud deployment experience for moving data quickly and easily.

Dundas BI Ratings and ReviewsDundas BI Ratings and Reviews

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Top Reviews
  • Shachar HallasFront End BI Team Leader



    I have used dozens of BI tools, a ew for many years like IBM Cognos and other for several months POCs like microstrategy, Panorama, Tableau etc...For our industry and our daily use Dundas BI wins since it is very flexible and can bring us the greater value we can achieve from a BI tool.
    DBI has many great visualizations that can fit to any case you aimed to. I can't say that there are scenarios where it is less appropriate.
    Very flexible with many open APIs like JavaScript, ReST, Python platforms and more Great and vary visualizations Web based HTML 5 support Many data connectivity options for advanced DBs and big data
    Server to run on Linux is a must in telecom industry

  • Verified User



    We use Dundas BI to develop insightful dashboard and embed them into our application, for our users to make timely decisions in the immigration life cycle of the large amount of cases they handle.
    Dundas BI is an excellent solution which embeds into any application seamlessly. It handles small to medium data sets with breeze and smooth representations. For any users looking for beautiful dashboards, unlimited filter options and easy to setup, Dundas BI is a perfect match. For Large data sets, though the solution goes for a toss sometimes, it can be handled well with default filters.
    Seamless Integration Large number of customization options Intuitive Dashboard components
    Goes for a toss when large data set to be processed Weird and random bugs are encountered sometimes The datacube, metric set and dashboard creation process can be improved