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Dundas BI is a complete dashboard, reporting, and data analytics platform that is fully programmable, open, and highly flexible. It is simple to improve your win rates, maximize customer satisfaction, and earn massive profits with Dundas.

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Dundas BI Features

  • Dundas BI FeaturesCustomizable Dashboards : Create a view that is tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Dundas BI FeaturesData Visualization : Allows exploring complex datasets in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Dundas BI FeaturesAd Hoc Reporting : Allows for quick reporting of unexpected changes or events.
  • Dundas BI FeaturesMobile : Mobile-first dashboards make it easy to use and understand on-the-go.
  • Dundas BI FeaturesAnalytics : Offers detailed insights into your data to help analyze performance & identify trends.
  • Dundas BI FeaturesModern Enterprise Deployment : Delivers on-premises or in-the-cloud deployment experience for moving data quickly and easily.

Dundas BI Ratings and ReviewsDundas BI Ratings and Reviews

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Top Reviews
  • Mohammad KhaliliProfessional Services Manager



    I am a profoessional services Manager at Infocloud. I am acting as product manager for Dundas BI where I am responsible for all pre-sales activities related to Dundas BI. Due to the flexibility and ease of use of the tool from one side and the great support that we gain from Dundas company, we succeed to sell the product to many industries in Middle east. Currently we are planning to get inside the North America market.
    Flexibility, I always tell my customers that you don't need to harm your brain in thinking how to do it in Dundas BI, you just need to think what to do. the tool is so flexible with open API and depending on common programming languages like .Net, JS and HTML5. you can do what ever you want. Single Experience, you don't need to have multiple interfaces for multiple devices like desktop or mobile, whatever you see in the desktop you will see the same in the mobile. sometime it is great to connect to Dundas through the mobile and complete the design of your dashboards. Friendly Tool: unlike other tools, Dundas was designed in attractive way that brain can accept it from first view, with little training or by watching the videos on Dundas website, you can start designing your work. Responsive design: latest version of Dundas BI (V3) allows you to design one dashboard that it applicable on all devices. Easy to install, and easier to upgrade to latest versions. one install file from Dundas website is enough to install the tool with minimum requirement.

  • RENZI M.Human Resources



    There are still some features that they need to optimize. One would be the connection to SSAS tabular model, they are still using MDX instead of DAX. Another would be the way they export to Excel is a bit slow for bigger datasets.