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YellowFin is a business intelligence and analytics software that reduces the complexity of your analytics workflow and data. It provides simple automation features, collaboration, data storytelling, and action-based dashboards.

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Yellowfin Features

  • Yellowfin FeaturesAction-Based Dashboards : Embedded operational workflows allow for building impactful dashboards.
  • Yellowfin FeaturesAutomated Business Monitoring : Threshold-based alerts or fully automated AI-driven signals allow the discovery of data changes.
  • Yellowfin FeaturesManagement Reports : Rich data visualization stories allow for building professional data-driven management reports.
  • Yellowfin FeaturesSelf-Service BI : Accelerate discovery by providing advanced options like Report Builder, Quick Charts, or Guided NLQ.
  • Yellowfin FeaturesMulti-Deployment : Allows deployment on all cloud types like public, private, or hybrid cloud environments.
  • Yellowfin FeaturesScalable : Scales both horizontally or vertically to deliver analytics to 1000s of users.

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  • Johan PietersenManaging Director



    The Yellowfin product technologies are superior and offers more flexibility in application. The Yellowfin product can be used in several different areas such a report engine over and above being a solid business intelligence tool. It further needs significant IT overhead to be used and can easily be integrated and offered as part of a larger solution.
    The agile and flexible nature of the product along side the standard APIs and technologies makes Yellowfin a strategic winner for companies looking to offer services and products into the business world where the primary focus is not simply business intelligence but where business intelligence still forms a key contributor to the overall customer solution.
    The Yellowfin user interface fits seamlessly into our own web software as it too is designed in the latest web technologies making it easy to use and easily accessible to our client base. The Yellowfin user interface is intuitive and easy to use, elevating VSV clients from needing in-depth training on the product before true value can be realised. The Yellowfin architecture supports the Pintl architecture 100% due to a similar design strategy and as such no real overhead is added to the Pintl system for the addition of the Yellowfin product nor does it add any additional IT overhead to be used. The Yellowfin product is quick and simple to develop reports and dashboards in cutting turn-around-time at the VSV development team and when new/custom reports are required by VSV clients.
    Initially the Yellowfin business model was difficult to align to the VSV model but through some simple negotiations a workable model was reach which made in commercial application viable Some additional licensing models could also be of value as we do not use the product in a pure business intelligence only application.

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    the graphs and the filters in the dashboards are very intuitive some features like publish/summary ( to prepare tables with KPI's with a target) is not available automatically It is easy to use for show information in executive level We prepared executive dashboard using output data from own payment software, and offer it to our clients