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YellowFin is a business intelligence and analytics software that reduces the complexity of your analytics workflow and data. It provides simple automation features, collaboration, data storytelling, and action-based dashboards.

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  • Yellowfin FeaturesAction-Based Dashboards : Embedded operational workflows allow for building impactful dashboards.
  • Yellowfin FeaturesAutomated Business Monitoring : Threshold-based alerts or fully automated AI-driven signals allow the discovery of data changes.
  • Yellowfin FeaturesManagement Reports : Rich data visualization stories allow for building professional data-driven management reports.
  • Yellowfin FeaturesSelf-Service BI : Accelerate discovery by providing advanced options like Report Builder, Quick Charts, or Guided NLQ.
  • Yellowfin FeaturesMulti-Deployment : Allows deployment on all cloud types like public, private, or hybrid cloud environments.
  • Yellowfin FeaturesScalable : Scales both horizontally or vertically to deliver analytics to 1000s of users.

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  • Phil SerfatySenior Analyst, Supply Chain Finance



    Yellowfin came as a package within our audit analytics suite (ACL), which was being used as a post-analytics visualization tool. It was used exclusively by our audit team with 5 developers and ~15 business users. The tool was great for the time we used it, however ACL went away from using Yellowfin and decided to do most of the visualization with their in-house tool. Overall, the Yellowfin tool didn't catch-on the way it had intended and was somewhat limited because of the learning curve for SQL and developing.
    Yellowfin has great visualizations and has been designed well for the business user to be able to simply navigate without issue. The tool is very flexible to use allowing multiple data sources to connect. They have done a good job in researching the market to understand and position their tool for a great core audience -- the tool was great for us at the time.

  • Verified User in EntertainmentMid-Market(51-1000 emp.)



    Diagnostics are difficult to come by. Oftentimes queries will be expensive and reports will either load slowly or not load at all, but there's no way for me to tell if that's because the query itself is expensive/not optimized, if the connection to the datasource is lacking, or if Yellowfin is running slowly. Review collected by and hosted on