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Exago is a cutting-edge embedded business intelligence and analytics software solution for software firms. It's simple to use and can be managed smoothly for powerful and effective results. Businesses can use Exago to increase product offerings, save costs, improve employee experiences, and build resilience.

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Exago BI Features

  • Exago BI FeaturesAdvanced Reports : Allows you to quickly and easily explore data in a variety of ways.
  • Exago BI FeaturesExpressViews : Provides concise visual representations of your data, showing how changes affect performance.
  • Exago BI FeaturesDashboards : Allows visualize all your data in one place so you can easily see trends and correlations.
  • Exago BI FeaturesInstallation & Configuration : Easy to install and configure quickly, making it ideal for remote offices or field deployments.
  • Exago BI FeaturesAdmin Console : Provides an intuitive interface through which you can monitor all aspects of the system.
  • Exago BI FeaturesAPIs : Offers several APIs that allow you to integrate Exago with other applications or systems.

Exago BI Ratings and ReviewsExago BI Ratings and Reviews

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Top Reviews
  • Harriet J.QA Analyst



    Exago is the ad-hoc reporting engine for our IT business management software product. We have over 7000 customers. Some have created just a few reports, others have created hundreds. From a user perspective, Exago integrates nicely with our product. Exago's styling extensibility enables us to give our reporting module the same look and feel as the rest of the application. Our customers can quickly build simple reports or use Exago's formula capability to build complex ones. They love the ability to schedule reports to automatically run at different time intervals. Since we provide our own dashboards, we haven't exposed Exago dashboards to our customers, so I can't comment on that functionality. Exago's customer support is very responsive. We've worked closely with support and development staff to diagnose some complex issues and have been happy with the attention and time they've dedicated.

  • Elizah H.Computer Software



    Would have liked to see more involvement from Exago when we first integrated the product with ours. Our development team would benefit from more complete implementation and technical support documentation too.