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Exago is a cutting-edge embedded business intelligence and analytics software solution for software firms. It's simple to use and can be managed smoothly for powerful and effective results. Businesses can use Exago to increase product offerings, save costs, improve employee experiences, and build resilience.

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Exago BI Features

  • Exago BI FeaturesAdvanced Reports : Allows you to quickly and easily explore data in a variety of ways.
  • Exago BI FeaturesExpressViews : Provides concise visual representations of your data, showing how changes affect performance.
  • Exago BI FeaturesDashboards : Allows visualize all your data in one place so you can easily see trends and correlations.
  • Exago BI FeaturesInstallation & Configuration : Easy to install and configure quickly, making it ideal for remote offices or field deployments.
  • Exago BI FeaturesAdmin Console : Provides an intuitive interface through which you can monitor all aspects of the system.
  • Exago BI FeaturesAPIs : Offers several APIs that allow you to integrate Exago with other applications or systems.

Exago BI Ratings and ReviewsExago BI Ratings and Reviews

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Top Reviews
  • Dawn L.Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)



    The flexibility that Exago offers for every skill level. Our client base runs the spectrum as far as technical skill. Exago offers an option for everyone, no matter their skill level, to build reports and gain valuable insights into their event data. The easy to use ExpressView widget allows users with little BI skills to quickly build ad-hoc reports. The Advance Report builder as well as the Dashboard designer offer advanced users the freedom and flexibility to thoroughly analyze and organize their event data to deliver valuable KPIs to their stakeholders. The report designer offers everything our clients need to completely design the look and feel of reports and dashboards to match their organization's brand guidelines. There really isn't anything that I dislike about using Exago. It's a great tool! We needed a way for our customers to present their event data in a way that provides insight and analysis. Our standard platform reporting is simply a list of tabular data. While tabular data also has it's value, it doesn't offer the kind of insight that our clients need to make business decisions for event planning. Exago fills in that reporting gap for our clients by providing, what seems like, limitless options for organizing data and deriving key performance metrics. Hi Dawn, Thank you very much for your review and feedback which is most appreciated. Mark

  • Jen T.Asvisory Software Developer



    From my perspective as a software developer who integrated Exago's software into our own, they provide many flexible features that allow you to customize the product depending on your own needs. For example, Exago provides several interfaces that allow us to manage our customer created data, where we store the reports and schedules created by our customers in our own database tables. They also provide other extensibility features, like server events that allow you to add custom code for specific events during a report execution. We have used the api to "publish" reports for use in other parts of our application, as well as replace legacy asp reports in our application with reports created in Exago. This has helped us tremendously in standardizing reports across our application in terms of the terminology used as well as the data that is returned. Now when our customers try to compare results from various reports across our application, there is much more consistency. Our data model is very large and we would like to see some future improvements on how the designer handles all of the field lists, so that the designer could be more responsive. Try to educate yourself on all of the extensibility features that are available as they add a lot of value in allowing you to customize your solution. We integrated Exago software as an ad hoc reporting engine for our customers. It allowed us to expose our data model to our customers and provide for them a way to create their own reports. Some of the features that we benefited from, which we did not have in our legacy solution were the ability to create custom formulas on a report and also the ability to schedule a report. Hi Jen, Thanks very much for your review and feedback re your data model. Perhaps something we can talk more about at next months client advisory board meeting with you if not sooner. Mark