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Evolve IP Phone Systems provide crystal clear voice services and award-winning collaboration tools. With Evolve, you can easily improve your employee as well as end-customer experiences, all for outstanding collaboration, and the growth of the business. The platform features top-notch tools and solutions that are customizable, and scaleable as per various business requirements.

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Evolve IP Phone Systems Features

  • Evolve IP Phone Systems FeaturesCisco Handsets : Supports Cisco’s high-fidelity & secure SIP-based IP phone 6800, 7800, and 8800 series.
  • Evolve IP Phone Systems FeaturesPolycom Partnership : Offers a broad portfolio of solutions from premier handsets and headsets to video conferencing.
  • Evolve IP Phone Systems FeaturesYealink Advantage : Provides unified communication & collaboration solutions through its partnership with Yealink.
  • Evolve IP Phone Systems FeaturesTeams Enabled Devices : Offers a broad range of audio and video device solutions from Cisco, Yealink, and Polycom.
  • Evolve IP Phone Systems FeaturesConference Stations : Supports a plethora of IP conference stations from leading providers Cisco, Polycom, and Yealink.
  • Evolve IP Phone Systems FeaturesVendor Comparison : Allows comparing Evolve IP with other leading communication platforms such as 8×8, RingCentral, and Zoom.

Evolve IP Phone Systems Ratings and ReviewsEvolve IP Phone Systems Ratings and Reviews

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Top Reviews
  • Kenneth B.Call Center Manager



    When we first switched to the call center software, the agents were apprehensive to learn something new. They thought it would be too difficult, slow them down, and be a burden. 1 month into it and they were all saying they don't know how they lived without it, and that it is so much easier than the old way.
    We like how much easier it is to do everything on the computer instead of the phone. Thank you for providing a software solution that is easy to use and makes the process simple and trackable.
    The least favorite part about the software would have to be that the numbers reported to the agents in "real time" do not match the numbers that are pulled on the back end. Not a huge deal for us because we rely on the tracking on the back end which is correct.

  • Christopher G.Application Development Director



    I like the flexibility of the product. We have about 50% of our users that have desk handsets and the other 50% that use solely softphones. The system works equally well in both cases. We also have users with a variety of needs and Evolve's different user levels allows us to mix and match to get the functionality that each user needs without having to pay for features that they don't. The one enhancement that I would like to see is API access to the call data. It would be beneficial to us to be able to utilize that data within other applications and to aggregate that data with other metrics from a BI standpoint. The biggest problems that were solved by going to an IP phone system from a on-premise PBX were no longer having to manage and support the hardware as well as increasing our availability of the phone service. For instance, if we lose power or network connectivity at the office location, a called will still reach the auto-attendant, calls can be forwarded to other numbers such as a user's cell phone, and voicemail messages will still be received as email attachments.