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IBM Cognos Analytics is a comprehensive business solution that covers the entire analytics life cycle. This enterprise analytics tool, also known as the next-generation reporting platform, has a number of powerful features that help connect your data, clean it, and create visually appealing data visualizations, in addition to providing business predictions.

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About IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics Features

  • IBM Cognos Analytics FeaturesWide Data Connectivity : Supports CSV files, spreadsheets, SQL databases, Google BigQuery, Amazon, and more.
  • IBM Cognos Analytics FeaturesAI-Assisted Data Preparation : Add calculated fields, join data, create new tables, and clean & prep data from multiple sources.
  • IBM Cognos Analytics FeaturesDynamic Dashboards : Create auto-generated visualizations by dragging and dropping data and sharing via email or Slack.
  • IBM Cognos Analytics FeaturesTime Series Modeling : IBM’s AI-Assistant answers all sorts of questions and allows for predicting seasonal trends.
  • IBM Cognos Analytics FeaturesPersonalized Reports : Multi-page reports keep stakeholders up-to-date, by delivering reports in the format they want.
  • IBM Cognos Analytics FeaturesAuthentication Middleware : Access data, get alerts, and stay connected on the go, anywhere and anytime.

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  • Martin RiveraSolutions Architect, IBM Business Analytics



    I myself have been exposed to Microstrategy, Business Objects, and Microsoft BI. While I do find strenghts in all of these tools, one area I do believe that IBM Cognos has distinct advantages when deployed in an environment where integration with other IBM products (AIX, DB2, WebSphere App Server , for example) are in play.
    For security-dependent business analytics solutions that require integration with differing data sources across an enterprise, and that will be deployed to a variety of consumers, with different roles, analytic consumption needs and methods, IBM Cognos should most certainly be in the top contenders.
    IBM Cognos integrates a multitude of data sources across an enterprise into a single, manageable reporting and analytics environment. IBM Cognos integrates with and leverages enterprise directory systems to enable data, and object security within the reporting envrionment. IBM Cognos provides implementation and deployment options that support scalability to grow with your enterprise.
    While vast improvements have been made in recent releases, IBM Cognos still lags behind some of its competitors in the area of mobile. As with many other enterprise-scale software suites,, IBM Cognos' many moving parts and integration pieces result in some unintended functionality and feature flaws from time to time.

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    I like that it's a complete report builder and scheduler. From start to finish, you can work in Cognos to build the report and have it automatically schedule to pull data into a formatted report and have it directly send email to clients. I dislike how it's so difficult to customize a report from a generic table to one presentable to the client. Changing color, aligning text, group and page layout require a lot of effort to make into a full fledged report. Good tool to have if there is an experience Cognos user that has developed in it. Capturing data can be done with other tools and data can be manipulated in other tools but Cognos can give you 1 stop shop if you know how to do it. This solves reporting problems by giving an environment to create reports and deliver them or just scheduling the data to send to required users.

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