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Logi Analytics is an embedded business analytic tool that assists you in better understanding and analyzing your business data. It provides impressive customization capabilities to power how your users see data, as well as the flexibility to meet changing business needs.

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Logi Analytics Features

  • Logi Analytics FeaturesLogi Composer : Allows building and customizing analytics by transforming visualization sources into data.
  • Logi Analytics FeaturesLogi Report : Allows users to distribute, and generate precise reports without coding/leaving the app.
  • Logi Analytics FeaturesLogi Info : Provides complete freedom to build your own choice of business intelligence application.
  • Logi Analytics FeaturesLogi Symphony : Gives you full access to Report, Composer, and Info for application innovations.
  • Logi Analytics FeaturesFinancial Reporting : Offers forecasting, budgeting, capital planning, etc.
  • Logi Analytics FeaturesPredictive Analysis : Make informed decisions about future business performance.

Logi Analytics Ratings and ReviewsLogi Analytics Ratings and Reviews

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Top Reviews
  • Alan M.Sr. Director of Data Strategy



    It's been a very good experience as we have grown from self service to standard reports to user managed dashboards
    More value for the money.
    How it integrates into our application.
    The complexity of the product and all it can do.

  • Michael McLaughlinDirector



    We needed to be able to deploy in a Linux environment which ruled out some other vendors. Ultimately we determined the deployment, ease of use, and licensing all favored Logi Analytics above the others.
    Great tool for delivering interactive on screen reports and dashboards. Not the best tool for large pdf exports and 8.5 x 11 printed reports.
    Very quick to create, deploy, and modify content - we were up and running with a usable product in a matter of months from the time we first got our hands on the Logi development tool. Loads of built in capabilities - the number of modifiable elements is nearly endless, and with some expertise in javascript and html it truly can do just about anything. Easy to embed and integrate - using custom fonts/css has made the application built entirely with Logi Analytics look like our own native product.
    Slight disconnect between professional services and support - support often tells us something is not possible, professional services makes the impossible possible, but then support is unable to offer troubleshooting and advice due to the changes made. Allow for easier integration with advanced charts i.e. maps, D3, etc. More theme options - the Theme Editor is great but could be expanded to offer additional styling without needing as much css expertise.