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LanguageTool provides users with a free version that includes grammar checking, albeit with certain limitations. For users seeking access to all its features, LanguageTool offers various paid plans. The pricing starts at ₹369 per month for individual users, allowing them to unlock the full range of tools. Plus, the tool also offers Team plans, starting at ₹2,088.10 per year for 2 users, with pricing scaling based on the number of users in the team.

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LanguageTool Pricing Plans & Packages

LanguageTool is a revolutionary AI-powered writing assistant that is changing the way we write. With its comprehensive grammar checker and paraphrasing tool, it offers a distraction-free writing experience that helps improve your overall writing skills. LanguageTool started as an open-source project in 2003 and has since gained immense popularity worldwide due to its advanced features and support for over 30 languages.

Whether you are a professional writer looking to enhance your written content or someone who wants to improve their grammar and vocabulary, LanguageTool is the indispensable tool you need. It goes beyond just identifying spelling and grammar errors; it also helps with punctuation mistakes, casing consistency, and provides valuable suggestions for sentence restructuring. With LanguageTool, you can write confidently knowing that your content is error-free and professional.

With its extensive integration with popular apps like Gmail, Outlook, and LibreOffice, LanguageTool offers a seamless writing experience across different platforms. So why wait? Unlock your full writing potential today with LanguageTool!

LanguageTool Pricing Plans

LanguageTool offers two pricing plans: one for individual users and another for teams. The individual plan is priced at INR799 per month or INR166.58 per year, while the team plan costs INR316.51 annually.

The individual plan includes features such as enhanced grammar, punctuation, and style checking, a style guide, up to 150,000 characters per text field, unlimited sentence paraphrasing powered by AI, and an add-in for Microsoft Word. On the other hand, the team plan includes all the features of the individual plan plus additional premium features like user management, a team dictionary, and a team style guide.

These pricing plans give users the flexibility to choose the option that suits their needs best. Whether you are an individual looking to improve your writing skills or a team collaborating on written content, LanguageTool provides comprehensive grammar checking and writing assistance tools to help you produce error-free and professional content.

  • For Individual Users

    LanguageTool offers a pricing plan specifically designed for individual users who are looking for comprehensive writing assistance. This plan caters to the needs of individuals who want to enhance their grammar, punctuation, and style checking capabilities without the need for team management features.

  • For Teams

    The LanguageTool Pricing Plan for Teams is designed to cater to the needs of organizations and groups. It offers additional benefits and features that enhance the writing experience for team members.


In conclusion, LanguageTool is a powerful and versatile writing tool that offers comprehensive grammar checking and paraphrasing capabilities. With its affordable pricing plans for individual users and teams, it caters to a wide range of needs. The tool's integration with popular apps and its support for multiple languages make it a valuable asset for writers worldwide. Whether you want to improve your writing style or ensure error-free content, LanguageTool is the go-to solution. Unlock your full writing potential today with LanguageTool!