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Lavender AI offers an easy, affordable way where users can try the tool for free before committing to a subscription plan. There are different pricing tiers tailored to individuals and businesses, ranging from basic plans with limited features to more comprehensive, professional plans that offer advanced support and analytics. Depending on the chosen subscription plan, users will have access to different sets of features such as automated email monitoring, customized advice, recommendations on how to write better emails, and powerful analytics tools that provide insights into customer engagement and response rate.

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Lavender AI Pricing Plans & Packages

In today's competitive business landscape, finding innovative ways to convert cold leads into paying customers is essential for success. That's where Lavender AI comes in. This revolutionary AI-powered sales email coach is changing the game by streamlining the sales process and helping businesses effectively engage with potential customers.

With its virtual assistant capabilities, Lavender AI takes the hassle out of sending personalized emails to prospects. Busy sales teams can save time and effort as this platform automates the process, allowing users to focus on other important tasks. By personalizing each message with details about their products or services, businesses can create a more engaging and efficient outreach strategy.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your sales emails to the next level, Lavender AI has pricing options to suit every business's needs. From a 7-day free trial that allows you to experience its power firsthand, to premium subscription plans that offer advanced analytics and automated personalization tools, there is a plan for everyone. With integrations available with popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, accessing customer data and generating actionable insights has never been easier.

Say goodbye to manual email outreach and hello to personalized, compelling emails that drive conversions with Lavender AI. This platform's advanced machine learning capabilities and intuitive user interface make crafting high-quality cold emails a breeze. Start your journey towards successful cold email outreach today with Lavender AI's pricing plans designed to meet your unique business needs.

Lavender AI Pricing Plans

Lavender AI offers three pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of businesses in the market. The plans are designed to provide users with different levels of features and capabilities, allowing them to personalize and analyze their emails effectively.

The Lavender Basic plan is suitable for those looking for a cost-effective solution, offering limited personalization and analysis features. On the other hand, the Lavender Individual Pro plan provides unlimited usage of all features, including personalized coaching analytics and multi-inbox support. This plan is ideal for individuals or small teams who want comprehensive email customization options. Lastly, the Lavender Enterprise plan caters to larger organizations with its unlimited everything feature set, custom AI scoring, team functionality, and priority support.

Overall, Lavender AI's pricing plans offer flexibility and scalability for businesses of any size. With these options, users can choose a plan that aligns with their specific requirements and budget while leveraging the power of AI to enhance their sales email outreach efforts.

  • Lavender Basic

    Lavender AI offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to different business needs. The Lavender Basic plan is designed to provide users with the essential tools and features required for effective sales email outreach.

  • Lavender Individual Pro

    The Lavender Individual Pro pricing plan offers users a comprehensive set of features and benefits to enhance their sales email outreach. With its affordable monthly price, businesses can access unlimited usage and personalized coaching analytics to optimize their cold email campaigns.

  • Lavender Enterprise

    Lavender AI offers a comprehensive pricing plan called Lavender Enterprise. This plan is designed for businesses seeking unlimited features and advanced capabilities to optimize their sales email outreach.


In conclusion, Lavender AI offers a game-changing solution for businesses looking to optimize their cold email outreach. With its advanced AI-powered features and intuitive user interface, Lavender AI streamlines the sales process by sending personalized and compelling emails to prospects. The pricing plans cater to different business needs, providing flexibility and access to additional features such as advanced analytics and integrations with popular CRMs. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, Lavender AI has the tools to help you convert more leads into paying customers. Say goodbye to manual email outreach and unlock the power of personalized campaigns with Lavender AI today.