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LocalPhone offers a cloud-based calling management software that allows making cheap international calls through its CloudCalling Management Portal. You can use this service to make or receive calls from anywhere in the world and at any time, without having to pay traditional phone bills. All you need is an internet connection and an account with Localphone.

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LocalPhone Features

  • LocalPhone FeaturesExtensive Support : Works in as many as 167 countries across the globe.
  • LocalPhone FeaturesCost Calculator : Instantly find out how much it costs to call an international number by specifying the country & number.
  • LocalPhone FeaturesMulti-Device Support : Works on all calling devices including mobile, landline, computer, and VoIP.
  • LocalPhone FeaturesNumbers Rental : Provides incoming numbers service, which allows you to talk to your abroad friends cheaply.
  • LocalPhone FeaturesTransparent Pricing : Pay only for the calls you make without any surprising contracts or hidden costs.
  • LocalPhone FeaturesSMS Service : LocalPhone’s SMS service provides the cheapest way of sending international text messages.

LocalPhone Ratings and ReviewsLocalPhone Ratings and Reviews

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  • Verified User in Financial ServicesMid-Market(51-1000 emp.)



    I love that the application allows me to make international business calls for a reduced rate and more so I enjoy that it is compatible with the computer and not just cellphone. I wish it was a standard rate for all countries versus being different prices for each one to make it more consumer friendly. Very grade tool to implement in all businesses that require international communication. Not solving any business problems directly but being able to conduct business and gain valuable information from international companies is extremely beneficial through LocalPhone.

  • Sanam M.Researcher



    Rates are better. Cheap calls. I would recommend it. Disconnects at times, calling from registered line sometimes still asks to enter account number. None. Earlier, I reported frequent disconnection of calls, then it was resolved. Benefits are low rates.