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MootUp is a comprehensive 3D virtual and hybrid event management platform that enables users to host any event from any device, regardless of location. Currently, the platform provides an excellent set of tools for a variety of business, educational, and other industry objectives.

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  • MootUp Features3D Floor Plans : Lets you create a 3D virtual model that portrays the property floor plan.
  • MootUp FeaturesScreen Sharing : Allows remote participants to view your desktop, allowing for better collaboration.
  • MootUp FeaturesReporting & Visualization : For any task or job, MootUp can generate reports, visualizations & dashboards.
  • MootUp Features3D Support : Enhances the video quality presentation by providing depth illusion or 3D-perception.
  • MootUp FeaturesAttendee Management : Manages as well as tracks data related to attendees or their concerns systematically.
  • MootUp FeaturesTemplates : Builds & designs a website quickly using layout-based patterns.

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  • Divya G.Graphic Web Designer



    MootUp can easily help you create virtual and hybrid events on their platform that are accessible to all and are safe and secure. You can customise the event, break-out rooms and even your own 3D models, which makes it a really customisable experience for every user. Up till when I was using it, I did not really encounter any major issues with MootUp. Initially, if a person does not have much experience with technology or so many options, they might have some initial issues, but other than that, not many issues were seen. MootUp is a platform which helps everyone create events virtually which are 100% customisable. The issue with normal virtual meetings was that people would not really get a feel of being in a meeting and would want a feel of normalcy, which this platform provides.

  • Verified User in Higher EducationMid-Market(51-1000 emp.)



    MootUp is accessible across any device - PC, MAC, smartphone or tablet. Because the platform was built with accessibility in mind, the graphics aren't as high-quality as other platforms that are only available via high-end VR headsets like the HTC Vive. I can easily hold immersive meetings, webinars and events in the 3D space, customize the environment with 3D content and livestream video conferencing.