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Party.Space is a metaverse platform where users can host virtual parties, quizzes, and other events. The platform provides all of the tools required to host a virtual event in one location. Party.Space handles everything from ticketing to registration, as well as the creation of countless event rooms for chat and networking.

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Party.Space Features

  • Party.Space FeaturesAvatar : Users may create an avatar that reflects their appearance.
  • Party.Space FeaturesEnvironment : The ability to choose a virtual environment for hosting online meetings.
  • Party.Space FeaturesCustom Metaverse : Engage your community and play Doge games, enjoy the NFT gallery, and more.
  • Party.Space FeaturesImport : Import 360 videos, images, sounds, 3D models, and avatar records, in the collab space.
  • Party.Space FeaturesUser Support : Supports unlimited users to log in from any device, from anywhere.
  • Party.Space FeaturesNotes & Annotations : Users may add notes and comments to 3D models and objects.

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  • Oksana D.Event manager



    It was a fantastic experience with a new event format. It was comfortable to work with the PartySpace Team. Thanks for the great experience! Review collected by and hosted on

  • Andrii L.Product strategy analyst



    Party Space has a great concept but it is a developing project and needs the following steps to be done: 1) it is more entertaining but I did not see a kind of business room set up 2) designs are lacking for solid avatars 3) it is expected from Metaverse some like more then a kind of "Doom game" landscape - more detailed, more shapes and colors pallets needed 4) once you entering the Room Space the question arises "where are sound and camera controls?" - place it in from to feel safe 5) I reached conference set up where you can raise hand only sitting the place or talk to a nearby person only - not raise for the question to conference owner but "talk to all" needed, probably with a kind of admin request to permit public statement. Review collected by and hosted on