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CATIA (Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application) is the world’s leading product design software platform that offers 3D design, 3D digital mock-up, and more. CATIA helps architects, construction professionals, designers, engineers, and small and mid-sized businesses to develop 3D product models with ease.

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Top Comments by G2
Positive Comments
  • Pavan T.Application Engineer

    My experience with CATIA was great. It automatically predict the behaviour of complex surfaces and allow modification where needed. And if we spend some time then it's UI is too simple to operate and plus point is we can modify the command button locations. It has good costomer support though. And main thing it is moderate in implementation. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Saurabh K.Production Engineer

    Catia is a parametric softwares.CATIA is a powerful software suite that provides extensive capabilities for 3D modeling, surface design, and parametric design.Customer support provided. It offers advanced features for complex shapes and allows users to create highly detailed and precise models.This software use for tool design, plastic product design, simulation etc. Review collected by and hosted on


    Integration of 2d and 3d data with no lag in performance Review collected by and hosted on

Negative Comments
  • Brian R.Engineer/Marketing

    Catia is SUPER expensive compared to Solidworks or Inventor. I wasn't able to easily control my assemblies parametrically. One board would resize and leave another part that had colinear constrained lines alone. We ended up switching to Solidworks. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Verified User in Information Technology and ServicesEnterprise(> 1000 emp.)

    Don't accept Dassault's BS sales pitch where they talk about the future and not what they have today. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Aaron J.Project Engineer

    Powerful program but simple tasks in other programs are no longer simple in Catia. There are so many good features in other programs like Solidworks (who is also owned by the same company as Catia and costs significantly less). I have used other CAD programs, 4 years of Solidworks, 4 years of ProE, 3 years of Unigraphics, and 5 years of Catia. I used Catia for 2 years before switching to Solidworks for a different job. It really opened my eyes on how easy it was to do basic tasks in Solidworks. Coworkers would say "why are you doing it like that? Don't you know there is a button in Solidworks so you don't have to spend 30 minutes doing that?" I then switched back to Catia 3 years later again for a different job. It was very frustrating for me to go back to Catia after working so much faster and more efficiently in Solidworks. Catia is the least user friendly CAD program have used. I will list a few examples. There is not any way to spell check your drawings in Catia. Engineers are known for being bad at spelling. Solidworks has a spellcheck button. How hard would that be to add to Catia? Another example is assembly mode. There is no way to cut an assembly in Catia. You also can not adjust the datum plane sizes. They are fixed. You can't simply zoom in to make a datum bigger so it is easier to select. You also can not simply drag a new component into an assembly and or pattern it automatically like other programs. Review collected by and hosted on

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Positive Comments
  • Umurefe DemirD&R Engineer

    We are using CATIA in our whole company. The main purpose is to draw parts, draft them, do their assemblies, create illustrations, and run optimization studies on them. To create digital models.
    3D design of parts 2D drafting of your part Assembly creating Weight, dimension calculations.

  • Sailender NaiduAutocad Designer

    I have used CATIA throughout my Aerospace engineering studies in college as well as while working as an Engineer. I have designed everything from complete drones, to tools, screws. So, a wide variety of pieces with different complexities. Mainly, CATIA has been beneficial when having to design complex assemblies, since I think its manipulation tools are some of its main assets.
    There really is no 3D software that offers all the design modules, drafting and assembly options and manipulation tools that CATIA offers. There are a specific module and tool for just about anything you need to do, so the design process with CATIA can be very optimized. Great surface modeling capabilities.

  • Özgür Erkek, MSc, PRINCE2®Exhaust Systems Supervisor

    CATIA is being used for our Product Development departments. As I'm working in the automotive industry as a component development engineer, we need to design components and systems that we are responsible for. To develop products in a virtual environment, we need software like CATIA, Solidworks, or AutoCAD. Especially for the surface modeling (which is required for all the exterior and interior of the vehicle) and complex component modeling, and we are using CATIA software. So far, I'm delighted to use it due to its efficiency to resolve the design issues we have.
    Surface modeling module is extremely developed and successful. 2D drafting module is doing the job effectively (AutoCAD is no more required).

Top Comments by Capterra
  • Verified ReviewerVerified LinkedIn UserLead Production Engineer

    Overall: I create large motor boats with large assemblies and i use Catia and NX on a daily basis. I have no problem managing the boat and the parts but when it comes to modelling in Catia i find incredibly tedious and very time consuming. Some days are very frustrating using this software as it is still very buggy. And when i contact helpdesk, they just reply 'oh yes, we know about that. This will be fixed in the next version!*

  • Koutarou K.Verified LinkedIn UserSoftware Engineer

    Overall: In terms of user satisfaction, much focus was made on reducing the need for rendering and animation function characteristics. The mouse cursor is used as an extra visual reason, and each function will provide simple rendering results. Changing the drop-down menu creates a stunning aesthetic, and the set animations are customizable.

  • Mert S.Verified LinkedIn UserSensor application engineer

    Overall: In summary, Catia is the best software in CAD world for me. It allows user to design a part from basic level to upper advanced. That's why it's preferred in industry.

  • Verified ReviewerVerified LinkedIn UserDesign Engineer

    Overall: Using the FEA analysis on CATIA resulted on more accurate results than other options that we used, drafting module also let you build more flexible drawings.

  • Cevdet .Verified LinkedIn UserProject Engineer

    Overall: CATIA is a robust design software with powerful features that enable quick design modifications. It's a valuable asset for me in design process.

  • Filipe R.Mechanical Engineer

    "Catia CAD Review"