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ClearSlide provides a complete sales engagement solution that combines content management, engagement analytics, integrated communications, and more into one powerful platform. By unifying these critical functions under one roof, you'll be able available to manage your entire sales process from start to finish in an efficient manner.

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  • ClearSlide FeaturesCollaboration : Allows everyone to contribute, screen share, or use drawing tools, without any downloading.
  • ClearSlide FeaturesAudience Demographics : Features customized lead forms for collecting attendees’ details like titles, contact, time, etc.
  • ClearSlide FeaturesTracking & Visualization : Tracks participants’ every moment, slide, and recording, and provides visual graphs to managers.
  • ClearSlide FeaturesPresent Seamlessly Online : Instantly create smooth, professional presentations at the click of a personalized link.
  • ClearSlide FeaturesNon-Verbal Cues : Indicate how a sales meeting is progressing, and alert distracted participants with live alerts.
  • ClearSlide FeaturesOne View : Integrates calls, content, emails, and other corresponding insights in one visible place.

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    This product is appropriate for any inside, outside, or hybrid sales team.
    When sending materials via a ClearSlide link you can effectively see additional information post-open such as the # of slides they viewed. The conference call line is convenient because it dials the # owner when someone joins the line. The suite of apps are helpful for outside sales people who need to present on the go.
    ClearSlide could improve their platform to be more friendly to animation. In some cases it doesn't animate properly or requires additional steps for uploading.

  • Casey SheplerVirtual Sales Representative



    It wasn't really a choice in my case. Our company contracted with Clearslide.
    If you do virtual demonstrations of products for clients this is a great solution.
    reaching out to many clients simultaneously It provides a better idea of client engagement Also like using the conference line for demonstrations with multiple clients We utilize this to show presentations to our clients virtually
    System outages in the past have come at very bad times. if you drag your mouse across the screen the website things you are trying to drop a file in which is annoying at times. when sharing the screen. the movements of my mouse and what I am doing sometimes appears choppy to the client or is delayed.