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Custify is a customer success software designed for SaaS companies. It empowers businesses to reduce churn, retain customers, and drive revenue growth. With features like comprehensive customer data integration, automated workflows, and tailored KPI dashboards, it enhances engagement and decision-making, while its customer portal and in-app surveys further boost customer satisfaction and interaction.

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Custify Features

  • Custify FeaturesCustom KPI Dashboards : Crafts custom dashboards presenting vital KPIs to integrate diverse data sources for insightful visualization.
  • Custify FeaturesAutomated Playbooks : Automates tasks via playbooks to orchestrate personalized customer interactions, from onboarding to renewals.
  • Custify FeaturesEngaging Customer Portal : Establishes a collaborative portal, enhancing time-to-value with self-service resources and transparent task management.
  • Custify FeaturesAutomate Lifecycle Tracking : Automates lifecycle tracking, from welcome emails to renewal processes to ensure seamless customer journey management.
  • Custify FeaturesIn-app Surveys : Embeds in-app surveys to garner real-time customer feedback to fine-tune strategies and enhance satisfaction.
  • Custify FeaturesShorter Time to Value : Streamlines onboarding by offering pertinent insights at each step, swiftly delivering value to customers.

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  • Verified ReviewerHead of SMBU



    I would say that Custify is like a magic 8 ball; it somehow always has the right answer and our clients get better service in the end. The segmentation feature is great and the results are accurate. My reporting on our clients feature usage has never been more accurate. Custify saves time and lowers churn once you learn how to use it correctly.

  • Verified User in Information Technology and ServicesSmall-Business(50 or fewer emp.)



    The things I might point out here are minor for me, but frustrating at times. Health Scores and setting those up is not a smooth or easy process. Review collected by and hosted on