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Decision Time is a board and risk management software.

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About Decision Time Meetings

Decision Time Meetings Features

  • Decision Time Meetings FeaturesAction List : Allows users to create, schedule assign, and track meeting actions with ease.
  • Decision Time Meetings FeaturesSecurity : You can add multiple layers of security, including multi-factor authentication.
  • Decision Time Meetings FeaturesAlerts : Allows users to stay connected on pending, or complete works.
  • Decision Time Meetings FeaturesDocument Management : You can store, track, and capture documents like PDF, digital images, word, etc.
  • Decision Time Meetings FeaturesPowerful Search : Allows you to quickly find any document, note, or item using the search feature.
  • Decision Time Meetings FeaturesMeeting Management : Organize, manage and track the progress of each meeting, and its success.

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Top Reviews
  • Melanie D.PA to the Chief Executive



    Decision time gives the ability to store and search back through previous papers which is useful. Users are able to quickly access papers and the note function has proved really useful giving us a whole new way of working, cutting down on meeting time as questions are asked and raised prior to meetings.
    Support was not great, compatibility on different devices was not great and there was a much greater cost.
    I like the presentation and the ease of setting agendas. The ability to drag and drop papers in means that its super fast and having the ability to move the agenda around is great.
    A search function within the resource section would be useful. Sometimes notes are missed if users forget to send a notification to the report owner so it would be good to have this done automatically.

  • Bryan E.Regional Operations Manager



    I like that it has easy to use templates in order to create agendas for your meetings. I also like that I can add infinite people to the group. The software does its job as its supposed to. I would like to see a wider variety of templates with more ability to edit them. It makes it very simple to get your point across to multiple people within your organization at the same time regardless of their geographical location.