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Azeus Convene is a multi-awarded board meeting software that is designed for organizational leaders. It provides full control to directors and executives all over the world to manage their entire meeting processes with ease. From pre-meeting to during-meeting to post-meeting document distribution, and more, Azeus supports it all.

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Azeus Convene Features

  • Azeus Convene FeaturesAnnotations : Allows adding private or shared annotations even without internet & auto-sync changes across devices.
  • Azeus Convene FeaturesDrag & Drop : Makes it possible to effortlessly add, remove, and rearrange documents and agenda items from the desktop.
  • Azeus Convene FeaturesCommunication & Collaboration Tools : Makes real-time communication possible through embedded video conferencing, chats, notes, and annotations.
  • Azeus Convene FeaturesAttendance Tracking : Automatically measures invited participants’ attendance for record-keeping, right at the start of the meeting.
  • Azeus Convene FeaturesPost-Meeting Reviewal : Provides meeting summary with annotations & action points for the directors’ reference.
  • Azeus Convene FeaturesAction Items & Deadlines : Tracks and checks the progress of action items and deadlines & updates action status for accomplished tasks.

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Top Reviews
  • Evan B.Financial Trader



    It positively favors synergy and teamwork between the different departments of the institution. What I like best about this software is saving and sharing files with digital signatures without having to meet with board members. Permissions and access levels are excellent to avoid the mismanagement of documents. Azeus Convene guarantees us the security and encryption of our data at all times. The video calls integrated with this software sometimes present screen freezes and interruptions in the audio, especially when the members of the conference access from different devices. However, it is something normal in any video conference program. Azeus Convene is an excellent all-in-one software capable of providing us with the necessary tools to improve our institutions' internal communication to increase productivity in the short, medium, and long term. It is an affordable program and relatively easy to use without having a lot of technical knowledge. Clear and timely communication with all company administrative members in record time means that our internal processes are optimized quickly without the need to go personally through the chain of command.

  • Srinivasan P.Cs



    Right from training and quick turnaround on all issues benefitted us to quickly adapt to this platform. The application is designed well however it takes more time to incorporate changes suggested by the stakeholders. It can be more flexible. Wherever I recommended it bounces back because of cost involved is on the higher side. One place for circulation of board papers and for maintaience of records.