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Reveal BI is a business analytics solution that helps you understand how your company is performing. It improves the overall user experience of applications by allowing users to drive data insights without interfering with their workflows. The platform is designed with embedding in mind and includes true self-service capabilities, data visualizations, and other features.

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Reveal BI Features

  • Reveal BI FeaturesWhite Labeling : Customize UX elements (dialogs, theming, etc) to match the company’s brand identity.
  • Reveal BI FeaturesDashboard Linking : Link fields and data points to other URLs, or dashboards for insightful visualizations.
  • Reveal BI FeaturesMachine Learning : Create insightful dashboards by using ML models from Google BigQuery, Azure ML, etc.
  • Reveal BI FeaturesSentiment Analysis : Identify positive or negative sentiments and make necessary changes as per needs.
  • Reveal BI FeaturesAd hoc Analysis : Examine specific data points to find trends and make informed decisions about future direction.
  • Reveal BI FeaturesKPI Monitoring : Provides real-time insights into key metrics like pageviews per day and unique visitors.

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Reveal BI Ratings and ReviewsReveal BI Ratings and Reviews

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  • Richard E.



    Easy to use and to customise. Team really took time to understand what we were trying to achieve and implement a solution to fit.

  • Emily V.Marketing and Advertising



    I don't always find it the easiest to navigate.