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Mesh Payments have been the top priority of businesses as it provides complete control of the overall expenses which they can check and make changes in a single dashboard. This software also allows business employees to issue Plug & Pay physical cards to make payments securely and these payments can be made under the expense policy made by the company.

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Top Comments by G2
Positive Comments
  • Moran Z.Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

    The implementation was super fast and easy. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Verified User in Information Technology and ServicesMid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

    Instead of having to deal with physical credit cards and play broken telephone with various people to get approval, Mesh streamlines this process and ensure I have a card I can use in a few moments, as well as an organized way for me to upload store the receipts. Also when I needed technical support, they were fast to respond and very helpful Review collected by and hosted on

  • Roi L.Director of finance

    In addition the ease of use and functionality of the platform. Review collected by and hosted on

Negative Comments
  • Verified User in Computer SoftwareSmall-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    Product onboarding is very cumbersome (took me 2+ hours and still haven't made first payment) Review collected by and hosted on

  • Verified User in Computer NetworkingSmall-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

    I am more disappointed. Then when I needed help, they never responded to my emails. Not long ago, I saw them change a lot of details and features of their website, and I wanted to try their service again, so I added a few hundred dollars to the account again. This time they asked me for my ID and submitted them via a very insecure email attachment. I thought about it for a long time, and finally I rejected their request. Then they said they would refund me and keep my account active. But it has been more than half a year and I have not received any refund and my account has been locked." I've seen a lot of reviews about them on the internet these days and it's amazing to me that out of 5 stars, they get 4.9 stars. Can you imagine they only have positive reviews? Their profile on states that they are not an American company, they are from a Middle Eastern country. I actually don't trust them so much since I signed up because they look weird. I hope people will take the money I was scammed out of as a lesson, and I hope more people don't join their victim group. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Bruce N.Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

    Mesh does not care about small business. They want you to spend more and if you don't they pull your capital advance with 10 days notice. Review collected by and hosted on

Top Comments by Capterra
  • Netanel L.Director of Finance

    Overall: Our c levels ask lots of questions regarding our credit card expenses. since we have Mesh, we can give accurate answers in a few minutes, in addition- our employees love the idea of ownership of a subscription and a credit card with a specific budget, make things more simple even to them. Since we use Mesh, we are no longer "blind" with regards to our credit card expenses!

  • Indira C.Business Relationships Manager

    Overall: All my expectations were exceeded. We had to scramble to set up a high volume of transactions in a flash, with clear audit trails. Mesh stepped up and made it all possible, with a very high level of security. Fantastic customer support. All feedback is heard and considered, every time we voiced a need, Mesh responded and adapted quickly.

  • Maayan P.Verified LinkedIn UserGlobal Learning & Development Lead

    Overall: As a very fast growing company, it helps to have a solution that fits different people in different locations, that allows for maximum autonomy for the end user

  • Nitzan B.Director of Finance

    "MESH payments - great infrastructures, a lot of place to grow"

  • David B.CFO

    "Use Mesh to control your credit card spend"

  • Nuphar Y.assistant controller

    "so glad we met :)"