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Sisense is a leading Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that provides organizational insights to key decision-makers. Users can easily access its range of comprehensive tools to visualize and analyze large data sets without the need for any IT resources.

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Sisense Features

  • Sisense FeaturesSingle-Stack System : Perform tasks like exploration, analysis, collaboration, and visualization, without jumping to other platforms.
  • Sisense Features In-Chip Analytics : It improves the speed of processing and reduces downtime in RAM or disks.
  • Sisense FeaturesData Connectivity : Get built-in connectors, different data sources, and much more with Zendesk and Salesforce.
  • Sisense FeaturesReal-time Analytics : The software utilizes web-based dashboards that enable users to work with the same insights.
  • Sisense FeaturesData Visualizations : Offers easy-to-understand bar charts, scattergrams, pie charts, line graphs, interactive maps, etc.
  • Sisense FeaturesInteractive Dashboard : Come with interactive drag-and-drop features to encourage deeper data explanation.

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Top Reviews
  • Glenn GordonManager of Application Services



    Crystal Reports is much better at building static reports than building dynamic dashboards. Visual Studio will allow you to build anything that you want to display your information, but the programming effort will be much higher. Kendo UI gives some of the graphical tools that Sisense provides, but the programming effort involved is much higher.
    Sisense is a dashboarding tool. It is very appropriate for delivering summary or exception data to the users, presenting it in a fashion that is easy to digest.It is not as good at presenting tabular or raw data, showing the details that support the conclusion. If you need to see reams of data for the application, a reporting tool will be better suited to the job.
    Sisense can display data in a variety of formats, tabular or graphical, with no programming necessary for the display logic One 'elasticube' or back end data source, can collect data from any number of different systems. Sisense provides connectors to more than 20 different back end technologies, including all of the leading databases and flat file formats. The Elasticube can contain a query that joins together data from disparate data sources. The graphical front end facilitates filtering the back end dataset, both at design time and at run time, allowing the user to see just the necessary data set. Graphical views can be linked, allowing the user to drill down to see more details of any part of the database.
    My non-IT users are often confounded by the techniques necessary to build beautiful dashboards The web version of the elasticube manager does not do everything that that the desktop application does. With version 7.1, this seems to be getting better. More to follow... Our primary contact person keeps changing, leading to difficulties in continuity of support. On the plus side, it is nice having a dedicated support person.

  • Erik LuxhojOwner



    We used SiSense to deploy a solution for a customer. The customer needed a reporting solution and business information analysis to partner with their Wonderware HMI system. The product is being used by a specific department in one of their manufacturing facilities.
    I would ask the following questions if I did it over again: 1) What type of tech support do you offer? Is it a ticket submittal type support system? Online chat? How robust is that system (support)? 2) Can you give me an example of an super high end looking report? 3) Can you give me a clean, simple type report formatted perfectly for printing?
    The data cube feature of SiSense is extremely powerful. It allows you to integrate with many different data providing systems. For the application we used it for, we had to use an ODBC driver to interface with an Allen-Bradley data collection system. SiSense was able to handle that data exchange very well. The visual front end of the SiSense reports is very sharp looking. The reporting and monitoring screens look very clean and professional. You can pretty much match any GUI you are using on the customer's manufacturing floor. In the application we deployed SiSense for, we were able to seamlessly match the Wonderware HMI screens and then run SiSense on an external monitor so that it looked like the SiSense data monitoring screens were part of the HMI. SiSense is easy to learn. When we were trying to decide if we wanted to purchase the license, we were able to download a trial version of the product to get a feel for it. SiSense also setup a webinar for us and walked us through a typical setup. It was very helpful.
    One area that was not exactly perfect for us in terms of SiSense was the licensing system. It was very expensive, and the license was not a lifetime purchase. Their license has to be renewed yearly. SiSense does a great job making the reports look awesome. However, what if the customer wants plain/jane reports? I wish there was a "simple" mode or something similar for a functional but clean and simple report interface. SiSense's tech support was adequate, but I would only give it a 6.5 out of 10. They were not able to answer our data cube problem. We found the solution on our own and copied them on it.