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Virbela is one of the most popular platforms for work, events, and education. It connects people from all over the world on a single platform to greet, learn, work, and train in an engaging virtual environment.

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  • Virbela FeaturesCustomizable Campus : Allows customizing 3D environments (logos, posters, & other details) to match your physical campus.
  • Virbela FeaturesExtensive Users Support : Supports as many as 1000s of users with no slowing down in-world.
  • Virbela FeaturesSpatialized Voice : Mimics real-life speech, making sound quieter or louder as one move relative to the subject.
  • Virbela FeaturesFamiliar Presentation Tools : Includes slides and websites, laser pointers, screen-sharing, sticky notes, and more.
  • Virbela FeaturesBreakout Groups : Creates distraction-free breakout sessions, by allowing you to turn on private volume areas in any space.
  • Virbela FeaturesUnique Avatars : Empowers personal creativity with customizable avatars that change clothes, hair, skin tone, and more.

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  • Alyssa N.Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)



    Virbela made it incredibly easy to share powerpoint presentations while also remaining incredibly interactive. It made remote learning for me and my peers a lot more engaging and increased our productivity. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Rajan A.Self - Admin



    Using Virbela may need a relatively powerful computer and a stable internet connection to ensure a smooth experience. It may turn out to be a resource hungry experience that eats up lot of bandwidth, memory, time etc, if your computer and internet speed is not very good , you may end up with not a good experience of meeting. Also learning curve is slight difficult to navigate, especially if a person is nit that much tech savvy. However ,if all this are handled properly , then it may turn out to be a good thing to assist in your work. Review collected by and hosted on