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VRChat is a highly customizable and free-to-use social VR platform that allows users to connect with people from all over the world, build worlds using Unity SDK, create avatars, and much more. Apart from this, you can chat, draw, collaborate, etc with your loved ones.

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VRChat Features

  • VRChat FeaturesFull Body Avatars : Features a complete range of motion support, lip sync, and eye tracking/ blinking.
  • VRChat Features3D Spatialized Audio : An immersive audio technology that helps you hear the conversations important to you.
  • VRChat FeaturesExpression Tools : Supports hand gestures, emotes, and emojis, providing a rich communication experience.
  • VRChat FeaturesExplore Virtual Worlds : Allows users to join and explore 100s of community-developed virtual worlds.
  • VRChat FeaturesFun Activities Support : Chat, collaborate, draw, sculpt, play games, and more with your friends.
  • VRChat FeaturesWeekly Events : Keeps visitors engaged and involved with official & community events.

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Top Reviews
  • Divya G.Graphic Web Designer



    VrChat can be used to create communities using VR, which really helps customise the whole experience and tailor it to our preferences. It has a lot of features like lip-syncing and can follow motion as well. You can use this to collaborate and do almost anything you want. Like I said, VrChat can be used by anyone for almost anything they want, which means that the level of interference and supervision in VrChat is quite low, which might lead to activities that might be NSFW. Nonetheless, if you create your own community and keep it private, then you will be avoiding all of that, since no one can really filter out all communities. VrChat is helping people worldwide by providing them with a mask, which really helps when one has social anxiety and wants to connect. For people like me, who prefer face-to-face meetings rather than virtual ones but also have anxiety, this is the perfect solution to be out and about and practice my skills without actually putting myself out on the platform.

  • Raunaq K.Game Developer



    The loud lobbies don't make me feel alone. I don't go out to meet my friends. Instead, I meet them here. Graphics not up to the mark. Too much noise in lobbies Socializing and communication skills