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Bigscreen is a social VR hangout platform that allows you to connect with friends, coworkers, and others in a virtual setting. You can chat, watch movies, play games, share your designs, produce music, code together, and do a variety of other things. The possibilities with Bigcreen are limitless.

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Bigscreen Features

  • Bigscreen FeaturesVideo Player : Allows you to play/share your own videos in one of any available theatres.
  • Bigscreen FeaturesMovie Rentals : Rent and watch 100s of 2D and 3D movies on Bigscreen.
  • Bigscreen FeaturesTV : Tune in to your favorite TV shows, including popular genres like drama, anime, etc.
  • Bigscreen FeaturesSpatial Voice Chat : Allows you to communicate with friends in a realistic environment.
  • Bigscreen FeaturesPublic & Private Rooms : Helps meet new people in public rooms, while private rooms help hang out with friends/family.
  • Bigscreen FeaturesIdentity Customization : Allows users to customize their avatars using tons of options to create their identity.

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