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Cavrnus is a versatile spatial immersion and collaboration technology that enables businesses, brands, and creators to create their own version of the experience Internet's destination metaverse. The platform is compatible with any device and allows the metaverse design to be shared with anyone, anywhere.

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About Cavrnus

Cavrnus Features

  • Cavrnus FeaturesCustom Features : You can apply custom textures, materials, etc to parts and objects with ease.
  • Cavrnus FeaturesImporting : Allows designers to import 3D renderings into virtual collaborative spaces.
  • Cavrnus FeaturesPrototyping Process : Allows exporting versions, documenting alterations, etc through the entire process.
  • Cavrnus FeaturesDevice Support : Supports devices like Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Head-Mounted AR, HTC Vive, and Vive Focus.
  • Cavrnus FeaturesCollaboration Enablers : Allows content sharing, presentations, video streaming, virtual whiteboarding, etc.
  • Cavrnus FeaturesSecurity : Offers top-notch end-to-end encryption for sectors like healthcare, banking, etc.