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Airtame is a unified wireless screen sharing, hybrid conferencing, and digital signage solution. With Airtame, anyone can create an impressive and engaging shared screen experience and share their personal devices on the screen's wall, regardless of the purpose.

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  • Airtame FeaturesAdvance Scheduling : Lets you choose days and time slots for displaying your content, in the office or at school.
  • Airtame FeaturesPreview Content : Displays what’s showing on screens, ensuring the right content and correct image quality delivery.
  • Airtame FeaturesMultiple Ports : Offers 3 ports including USB-C, micro USB, and a standard Kensington security lock port.
  • Airtame FeaturesConfigurable Display : Supports various dashboards and data, pictures and charts, and even slideshows.
  • Airtame FeaturesPortability : Built-in HDMI allows Airtame to be used for remote presentation using WiFi access.
  • Airtame FeaturesEasy Setup : Organized cables, portable size, and an adhesive mounting pad allow for easy set up.

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  • Ivan P.IT Technician



    No cables for conexion and so easy to setup. What we dislike is the use of an aditional USB energy cable for charging the device. Now a days on the TVs and projectors we are using Airtame we are giving the users the flexibility for connecting the that devices no matter what video output connection they have, they just need to use thier wireless connection and thats all. Hi Ivan, Thank you so much for your great review! We are very happy to hear that you are satisfied with our product and that the fact it is device-agnostic gives your users flexibility. Airtame does require the additional charging cable, as we want to make sure that the device is not under-powered from the TV or a projector and to ensure its stability. In case you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us at Once again, thank you for your lovely review - we truly appreciate it.

  • Jos Francisco M.Jose Medina



    The Airtame has a nice user interface, The wireless feature is great to simplify access to visitors and internal guys. Simple to use. The service representatives cannot be better. 400$ for one unit is far away from the reality; This product needs a lot of development yet. Not ready for enterprise environment or business presentation in terms of video quality and precision. - The drag and delay are just not acceptable. Even moving the mouse takes few seconds. The video is pixelated even if you set the device to the higher streaming quality and resolution. - If you have 2 interfaces, 1 to connect the power and another to the Ethernet. They are exactly the same and you cannot know by any means where you are connecting what. I would recommend adding a color to differentiate one from the other. - The service guys will blame your network or will say what all wireless presentation system are doing the same. The product has potential but it needs to improve the delays and drags. Great wireless feature but very poor range. Service is polite but they try to justify anything or blame your network. My recommendation to others considering the product is that they should take advantage of its potential, it is a bit expensive but it is worth it since it offers excellent business solutions. The days off cables are gone! We're been using Airtame in the office for a while now and feeling super happy about it. It is super easy in setting up or configuring, weather its for displaying static image, dashboard or presentations. Many thanks for the review, Jos. We appreciate your kind remarks about the support and to hear that overall you find Airtame is filling a gap overall. In regards to other considerations you've put forth, I wanted to share the following information: - In regards to price, everyone's budget is different for these kinds of solutions. Airtame costs a lot more than a consumer product. At the same time, it's quite competitively priced when compared to other B2B solutions such as Clickshare. - Expected latency is between 0,4-0,8 seconds when presenting e.g. a slideshow, whereas streaming video requires a 1-second buffer. I'm sorry if you are still seeing latency a lot higher than this (a few seconds as you wrote). This should not be the case. If you'd want to get back in touch with support about this, I'd encourage you to do so. Of course, Airtame performance does rely on the network so that may turn out to be a factor (as you've previously heard from our team). Here is a video about what kind of performance can be expected with Airtame 2 (and how to test it): - The issue with the Ethernet connection only showing by default (when Airtame is connected to WiFi as well) has been fixed with firmware 3.6.0. So now both are visible on the overlay guide. - Airtame is always looking to improve on existing performance and add new features. I hope you'll find this to be the case as time goes by. For anyone interested in purchasing Airtame, we encourage them to take advantage of our 30-day trial for direct purchases so that streaming quality can be tested against expectations. We hope that this serves as a good way to ensure that customers feel Airtame is worth the investment. Thanks again - and please stay in touch for any future improvements, new features, etc.

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Airtame 2
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